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Ask a Librarian: via chat, in person, email or phone

Ask a Librarian

Ask a Porter librarian questions about Arts, Social Sciences, Environmental Studies, Government Publications.

Ask a Davis librarian questions about Engineering, Health Studies, Mathematics, Science.

Contact your Subject Librarian Contact your Subject Librarian

Email your questions; replies will be sent within one business day Email your questions | Architecture questions | Map Library questions

Phone or Visit a Library Information Desk Phone | Visit (check Information Services Hours):
Dana Porter ext. 35763 Humanities, Social Sciences, Environmental Studies & Government Information
Davis Centre ext. 35766 Engineering, Mathematics, Health Studies & Science
Map Library ext. 32795 Maps
Musagetes Architecture Library ext. 27607 Architecture
Pharmacy Library ext 21313 Pharmacy
Witer Learning Resource Centre ext 84005 Optometry

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