Scholarly Society Registration Form

ATTENTION: Because of the problems caused by websites that change their URLs, the Editor has decided that it is no longer practical to continue to add to the Project new websites WITHOUT a URL in standard domain-name format (that is, without a permanent URL). See the various editorials for more background leading up to this decision.

If you have a site to register that fulfils the guidelines of the Project, and has a URL in standard domain-name format, it will be added as time permits (usually within 2 weeks). All other requests will be IGNORED.

Name of contact person:

Email address of sender:

Resource to be added:

Please provide the full Name of the society/association. NOTE: if there are other official names in other languages, please provide them as well. If none of these names are in English, please provide an English translation of the name in addition.

Please provide the URL Address for the webpage. NOTE: The URL MUST be in standard domain-name format (that means that someone has already gone to the effort of getting a unique domain name for your society). If it is not, you are simply wasting your time by making a request that will be ignored. Your URL should look something like this: where xxx.yyy is the domain name for your society. For example, xxx would be some identifier for your society's name, and yyy would be something like org, or or com or ca or nl. The yyy portion must NOT contain the domain name of some other institution; for example it must NOT consist of, which is the domain name for MIT.

Does the resource have an official abbreviation or initialism?

Please indicate the founding year of the society or association.

Do you have any additional comments regarding your registration?

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