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Technical Problems Report

Domain Name Problem with
Please read the problem description to verify that this is the problem you had. If it was, then include (a) the day, (b) exact time (to the minute) when you noticed the problem and (c) the time zone you are in. Also give any other details of the problem that you can.


Other Technical Problems
Please describe the technical problem in detail. Include a list of the pages or resources you could not access, the steps you took, and the messages you received on the screen.


Depending on the problem, the following information about your situation may be useful:

Operating System:
(e.g., Windows98)

Browser:   Version:
(For version information, click on "Help" in the menu bar of the browser and click on "About (the browser)".)

Your E-mail Address: (for more info)



Additional information or comments:


Subject (for office use only):

June, 2003

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