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A. Library Orientation - Students know how to:

_______1.Locate the university library

_______2.Observe the university library's rules for behaviour

_______3.Find appropriate work areas in the university library

_______4.Obtain a library card when appropriate (and know the rules)

_______5.Identify various kinds of material available in the library

_______6.Handle material properly

_______7.Locate the relevant sources

_______8.Locate information flyers and pamphlets at the university library


B.Organization of Resources - Students are familiar with the following categories of resources:

_______1.Fiction and non-fiction books

_______2.General reference materials


_______4.Periodical indexes

_______5.The Library of Congress classification scheme


C.Selection of Resources - Students are able to:

_______1.Perform author, title, subject and keyword Boolean searches

_______2.Locate materials according to call number

_______3.Use the online catalogue as a selection tool

_______4.Proceed from general to specific or specific to general when researching a topic

_______5.Select general and specialized reference materials

_______6.Evaluate material for currency

_______7.Use a bibliography to select additional information


D.Utilization of Resources - Students know:

_______1.The parts and aspects of a book

_______2.How to use periodical indexes

_______3.How to distinguish among primary, secondary and tertiary sources

_______4.How to select materials appropriate to their level

_______5.How to interpret and write footnotes

_______6.The facilities such as study areas and photocopy arrangements

_______7.Discretion in using resource personnel meant for the university community

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