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fall '06

Enhancing Our Environment

UW Library First to Install Innovative System

3M Canada and the UW Library are partnering to create a model site for the secure and efficiently managed Library of the future. A $1.3 million gift from 3M Canada positions the Library to be the first academic institution in North America to showcase this state-of-the-art inventory and security system. 3M’s innovative One-Tag RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) system is a new concept in the management of library collections and security. The single chip/tag contains all of the information necessary to locate and identify library materials, ensure security, and streamline the checkout process for library users and staff.

photo of Bryan LovaszRecent UW grad Bryan Lovasz has been involved with the system implementation. Lovasz is excited for the students who will have the opportunity to experience UW’s enhanced library environments. "The Library is much more to students than a repository of books for research, but rather a place to meet, study, and work. As such, the 3M system will help make movement in and out of the library efficient, smooth, and therefore even more enjoyable for staff and students," commented Lovasz. "It will also ensure protection against the loss of books, enabling future generations of students to have access to the resources they will require for their studies."

The RFID systems at the Davis Centre and Dana Porter Libraries will be operational in 2007.

Did You Know...
When the installation is complete, approximately 1,410,000 books will receive RFID tags in the Davis Centre and Dana Porter Libraries? Approximately 4,000 books are tagged each day.

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March 20, 2007