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No. 3.19


This is a selective guide to sources of information in philosophy available in the Dana Porter Library. It is intended to provide a starting point for research in philosophy. In addition to the items listed below, there are many other general and specialized sources that may be located through a subject search of UW's online catalogue. Assistance may be obtained at the Information Desk.


De George, Richard T. The Philosopher's Guide to Sources, Research Tools, Professional Life and Related Fields.
Ref Z7125.D45x 1980 Porter.

Guide to source material for research in philosophy. Includes titles on scholarly publishing and post-doctoral research. The entries are frequently accompanied by annotations, which are often evaluative.

Guerry, Herbert. A Bibliography of Philosophical Bibliographies.
Ref Z7125.A1G83 1977 Porter.

Attempts to be comprehensive, listing bibliographies published in all countries from about 1450 through 1974. Divided into two alphabetically arranged sections: Individual Philosophers and Subject Bibliographies. Includes author index.

Levinson, Jerrold. The Oxford Handbook of Aesthetics.
Ref BH 56 O94 2003 Porter.

An in depth research guide for the study of Aesthetics. Includes detailed bibliographies for major areas of Aesthetics.

Matczak, Sebastian A. Research and Composition in Philosophy.
Ref B52.M33 1971 Porter.

A brief and practical guide to researching and writing papers in philosophy.

Mathien, Thomas. Bibliographie de la philosophie au Canada / Bibliography of Philosophy in Canada.
Ref B981.M37x 1989 Porter.

Part I discusses sources of bibliographic information on Canadian philosophy and philosophers. Part II is an annotated bibliography of books and articles on Canadian philosophy. Part III lists important works of early Canadian philosophers.

Tice, Terrence N. Research Guide to Philosophy.
Ref B52.T5 1983 Porter.

Provides bibliographies and descriptions of important philosophers, periods in the history of philosophy, and areas of contemporary philosophy.

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Battro, Antonio M. Dictionnaire d'épistémologie Génetique, 1966.
Ref BD162.B3 Porter.

Bunnin, Nicholas and Jiyuan Yu. Blackwell Dictionary of Western Philosophy.
Ref B41 .B79 2004 Porter.

Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy.
Ref B41.C35 1999 Porter.

Signed entries on philosophers, subfields in philosophy and philosophical concepts and terms; some entries on non-western terms and thinkers; glossary of logical and philosophical symbols.

Companion to Metaphysics.
Ref BD111.C626 1995 Porter.

Brief signed essays on concepts in mataphysics, schools, and philosophers; western tradition focus from the Greeks to the present; bibliographies.

A Dictionary of Continental Philosophy.
Ref B41 .D5127x 2006 Porter.

Historical Dictionary of Kant and Kantianism.
Ref B2751 .H65 2005 Porter.

Iannone, A. Pablo. Dictionary of World Philosophy.
Ref B41 .I26 2001 Porter.

Lalande, André. Vocabulaire technique et critique de la philosophie.
Ref B42.L3 1968 Porter.

Scholarly. Usage illustrated with quotations. "The best of French philosophical dictionaries" (DeGeorge).

Oxford Companion to Philosophy.
Ref B51.O94 1995 Porter.

Signed entries on philosophers, histories of English language philosophy, philosophical terms and concepts; includes portraits and appendices: logical symbols, maps of philosophy, chronological tables.

Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy.
Entries cover the entire span of philosophy.

Reese, William L. Dictionary of Philosophy and Religion; Eastern and Western Thought.
Ref B41.R43 1980 Porter.

Explication of terms and some analytical and historical sketches of movements and thinkers, listing principal writings.

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Companion to Aesthetics.
Ref BH56.C65 1992 Porter.

One-volume encyclopedia with brief, signed essays on topics, concepts, and philosophers of art; bibliographies.

Concise Encyclopedia of Western Philosophy and Philosophers.
Ref B41.C66 1989 Porter.

Revised edition, retaining among its contributors such well-known philosophers as Ayer, Ryle, Strawson, and Warnock, and adding many new articles, including entries by Charles Taylor and Jeremy Waldron.

Dictionary of the History of Ideas.
Ref CB5.D52 1973 Porter.

A thorough treatment of some 300 pivotal concepts. Long, signed articles with bibliographies. Detailed analytical index.

Dictionary of Philosophy and Psychology.
Ref B41.D55 Porter 1925.

A landmark work, dated but still of use. Volume three consists of a major comprehensive bibliography, compiled by Benjamin Rand: Bibliography of Philosophy, Psychology and Cognate Subjects. It provides very good coverage of the 16th through 19th centuries.

Encyclopedia of Asian Philosophy.
Ref B121.E53 2001 Porter.

Encyclopedia of Bioethics.
Ref QH332.E52 1995 Porter.

Encyclopedia of Ethics.
Ref BJ63.E45 2001 Porter.

Three volume encyclopaedia with signed, refereed articles: meta-ethics; ethical theory; perennial moral problems; political, social, and legal theory; concepts; principles and theoretical problems; and biographies.

Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies.
Ref B131.E5 1983 Porter.

First volume is devoted to bibiliographies. Vol. 2 is on Indian Metaphysics and Epistemology. Vol. 3 is Advaita Vedanta. Vol. 4 is Samkhya, a Dualist Tradition.

Encyclopedic Dictionary of Semiotics.
Ref P99.E65 1994 Porter.

Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
Ref B51 .E53 2006 Porter.

2nd edition; ten volumes.

Encyclopédie philosophique universelle.
Ref B51 .E52 1989 Porter.

Presses universitaires de France, completed in 4 volumes in 1998.

Kelly, Michael. Encyclopedia of Aesthetics.
Ref BH56 .E53 1998 Porter.

Philosophy of Science.
Ref Q174.7 .P55 2006 Porter.

in 2 volumes

Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
Ref B51 .R68 1998 Porter

Comprehensive 10 volume set covering all areas of philosophy.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
A publishing project of the Metaphysics Research Lab at the Center for the Study of Language and Information (CSLI) at Stanford University.

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Histories of Philosophy

Bréhier, Emile. The History of Philosophy.
Ref B77.B723 Porter 1963.

Excellent bibliographies.

Ritter, Joachim. Historisches Wörterbuch der Philosophie.
Ref B43.H577x 1971 Porter.

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Periodical Indexes, Abstracts, and Bibliographies

Arts & Humanities Citation Index/Web of Science
Library has: 1975 to present.
Abs AI3 .A7x Porter

Based on the citation indexes from ISI. Indicates who cited what.

Bibliographie de la Philosophie.
Library has: 1937-1938, 1946-1953.
Ref B77.B51x Porter.

Superseded by: Bibliographie de la Philosophie / Bibliography of Philosophy.
An international bibliography of books, articles, and doctoral dissertations.

Bibliographie de la Philosophie / Bibliography of Philosophy
Library has: 1954 to 2005.
Includes citations and abstracts of books.
Ref B77.B52x Porter.
CD-ROM for 1998 - 2005 available in Porter Controlled Access

Bibliography of Bioethics.
Library has: 1975 to present.
Abs R724 .B52x Porter.

Bibliography of Modern British Philosophers.
Ref B1561 .B53x 2004 Porter.

Blackwell, Richard J. A Bibliography of the Philosophy of Science, 1945-1981.
Ref Q175.B567x 1983 Porter.

International Philosophical Bibliography.
Library has: 1997 to present.

International Philosophical Bibliography Retrospective.
Library has: ~1985 to 1996

Electronic version of Répertoire bibliographique.

Paquet, Léonce. Les Présocratiques: Bibliographie analytique, 1879-1980.
Ref Z7128.P83P36x 1988 Porter.

Subject classified. French annotations, author index.

The Philosopher's Index
Library has: 1949 to present.

Répertoire bibliographique
Library has print: 1949 to 1988.
Abs B2.R47x Porter.

Comprehensive index to books and articles in philosophy
Available electronically 1985 to present as:
International Philosophical Bibliography
International Philosophical Bibliography Retrospective


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Bechtle, Thomas C. Dissertations in Philosophy Accepted at American Universities, 1861-1975.
Ref B72.B43x 1978 Porter.

Provides subject and author access to doctoral dissertations. Includes Canadian universities.

Dissertations and Theses (PQDT)
Indexing 1861 to present.
Full Text 1997 to present.

ProQuest's Digital Dissertations and Theses contains information about doctoral dissertations and master's theses from more than 1,000 North American and European graduate schools. 

Review of Metaphysics.
Library has: 1947/48 to present.
Per B1.R34 Porter.

Refer to list of "Doctoral Dissertations," from volume X, 1956/57 to present. This list appears in the September issues; the one exception is volume X where it appears in the December issue. Included are Canadian and American dissertations, arranged by institution.


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Directory of American Philosophers.
Library has: 1968 to present.
Ref B935.D5 Porter.

Latest edition kept in Reference. Earlier editions kept in stacks.
Contains useful information including addresses of Canadian and American departments of philosophy, highest degree offered, and names and addresses of philosophers.

Directory of American Scholars; A Biographical Directory.
Library has: 1957, 1963/64, 1969, 1974, 1978, 1982.
Ref LA2311.D5 Porter.

Latest edition kept in Reference. Earlier editions kept in storage.
Vol. 4 lists philosophers.

International Directory of Philosophy and Philosophers.
Ref B35.I5 1997/1998 Porter.

Geographically arranged listing of philosophical activities, with indexes of philosophers, universities, centers and institutions, societies, journals, and publishers.

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Biographical Sources

Biographical Dictionary of Twentieth Century Philosophers.
Ref B104.B55x 1996 Porter.

Kersey, Ethel M. Women Philosophers: A Bio-critical Source Book.
Ref B105.W6K47 1989 Porter.

International, historical listing of women philosophers, providing biographical information, and a listing of works by and about the philosopher. Entries are arranged alphabetically. Includes an appendix classifying philosophers by period, country, and discipline.

Kiernan, Thomas P. Who's Who in the History of Philosophy, 1965.
Ref B41.K5 Porter.

Roth, John K. World Philosophers and Their Works, 2000.
Ref B104 .W67 2000 Porter

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