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Classical Studies

Library Guide
No. 3.3

This is a list of UW Library's reference sources for Classical Studies.

See the Classical Studies Subject Guide for research assistance.



Encyclopedias and Subject Dictionaries

Avi-Yonah, Michael. Illustrated Encyclopaedia of the Classical World.
Ref DE5.A8x 1975 Porter.

Brief entries. Includes index, maps, chronological tables of rulers, and select bibliography.

Brill's New Pauly : encyclopaedia of the ancient world.
Ref DE5 .N3913x 2002 Porter.

To be a 20 volume set when complete. English version of Der Neue Pauly, listed below.

Cambridge Dictionary of Classical Civilization.
Ref DE5 .C28 2006 Porter.

Civilization of the Ancient Mediterranean.
Ref DE59.C55 1988 Porter.

Three volume set. Signed articles on all aspect of Greek and Roman civilization. Includes bibliographies and a chronological table. Subject access is available through the table of contents or through the index in volume three.

Classical Studies : a guide to the reference literature.
Ref PA91 .J455x 2006 Porter.

Encyclopedia of the Roman empire.
Ref DG270 .B86 2002 Porter.

Dictionary of bibliographic abbreviations found in the scholarship of classical studies and related disciplines.
Ref PA99.W44 1983 Porter.

Der Kleine Pauly; Lexicon der Antike auf der Grundlage von Pauly's Realencyclopädia der Classischen Altertumswissenschaft, 1964-1975.
Ref DE5.P35 Porter.

In German. As the name suggests, a shorter version of Pauly's Realencyclopädie, listed below. Five volumes.

Der neue Pauly: Enzyklopädie der Antike
Ref DE5. N39x 1996

Update to the original Pauly.

The Oxford Classical Dictionary.
Ref DE5.O9 2003 Porter.

Brief entries, signed, with references to important sources.

Pauly's Realencyclopädie der classischen Altertumswissenschaft.
Ref DE5.P33 1893 Porter.

Eighty-three volumes with its supplements.

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Classical Literature

Ancient Roman Writers.
Ref PA6013 .A53 1999 Porter.

Ancient Writers: Greece and Rome.
Ref PA3002.A5 1982 Porter.

Signed articles discussing the work of ancient authors, including Homer, Hesiod, Aeschylus, Vergil, Ovid, etc. Includes bibliographies of primary and secondary sources.

Annotated Textbook Survey of Greek and Latin Authors.
Ref Z7021.A55x 1987 Porter.

Annotated survey of works by classical authors. Lists English editions only, in print through 1986.

Cambridge History of Classical Literature.
Volume 1 Greek literature. Ref PA3052.G73 1985 Porter.
Volume 2 Latin Literature. Ref PA 6003.L3 1982 Porter.

Concise Oxford Companion to Classical Literature.
Based on the Oxford Companion to Classical Literature, listed below.

Hathorn, Richmond Yancey. Crowell's Handbook of Classical Drama, [1967].
Ref PA3024.H35 Porter.

Mantinband, James H. Concise Dictionary of Greek Literature, [1962].
Ref PA31.M29 Porter.

Mantinband, James H. Dictionary of Latin Literature, [1956].
Ref PA31.M3 Porter.

The Oxford Companion to Classical Literature.
Ref DE5.O92 1989 Porter.

Handbook of information for readers of ancient literature, with entries on ancient history as well. Includes maps and a chronological table from 2200 B.C. to A.D. 529.

Parks, George Bruner. The Greek and Latin Literatures.
Ref Z7018.T7E85 1968 Porter.

Lists early and recent translations of works of Greek and Latin literature, from the early and classical period to the modern period (from 1450 A.D.). Offers some annotations and secondary sources.

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The Cambridge Ancient History.
Ref D57.C25 1970b Porter.

Covers events in Greece, Rome, and the ancient Near East up to A.D. 322.

Larousse Encyclopedia of Ancient and Medieval History, [1963].
Ref D59.L373 Porter.

Illustrated overview, covering ancient times to the 15th century.

Magill, Frank N. Great Events from History: Ancient and Medieval Series, 1972 - .
Ref D59.M3x Porter.

"1,000 historical events in summary form." The Ancient and Medieval Series is Part 1, volumes 1 through 3. Contains bibliographies, and an index in volume 3.

Mellersh, H. E. L. Chronology of the Ancient World, 10,000 B. C. to A. D. 799.
Ref D54.5.M44x 1976b Porter.

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Atlases and Geography

Cornell, Tim. Atlas of the Roman World.
Ref DG77.C597 1982 Porter.
DG77.C597 1982 UMD.

Illustrated. Offers general view of the Roman world in its physical and cultural setting.

Barrington atlas of the Greek and Roman World.
Ref G1033.B3 2000 Porter Atlas Stand

Grant, Michael. A Guide to the Ancient World: A Dictionary of Classical Place Names.
Ref DE25.G72 1986 Porter.

Nine hundred important geographical locations in the ancient Greek, Etruscan, and Roman worlds, covering the period from the early first millennium B.C. to the later fifth century A.D. Contains maps and a bibliography of ancient literary sources.

Heyden, A. A. M. van der. Atlas of the Classical World, 1959.
Ref DE29.H463 Porter.

New Century Handbook of Classical Geography.
Ref DE25.N48 1972 Porter.

Concise discussions of the major geographical locations, based on facts and legends.

Place-Names in Classical Mythology: Greece.
Ref DF16.B45 1989 Porter.

Platner, Samuel Ball. A Topographical Dictionary of Ancient Rome, 1965.
Ref DG16.P685 Porter.

The Princeton Encyclopedia of Classical Sites.
Ref DE59.P7 1976 Porter.

Offers information on sites that show remains from the classical period to the mid eighth century B.C. Includes maps and map indexes.

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Ancient Greek and Roman Rhetoricians: A Biographical Dictionary, 1968.
Ref PA83.A5 Porter.

Biographical dictionary of ancient Greek and Roman women : notable women from Sappho to Helena
Ref HQ1136 .L54 2000 Porter.

Classical Scholarship: A Biographical Encyclopedia.
Ref PA83.C58 1990 Porter.

Covers classical scholars from 1770 to 1986. Signed articles include several pages of biography, with bibliographies of works by and about the author.

The Dictionary of British Classicists.
Ref PA83.D53 2004 Porter.

Grant, Michael. Greek and Latin Authors, 800 B. C. - A. D. 1000.
Ref PA31.G7 1980 Porter.

Brief entries offering an account of the writer's life. Lists best editions of works by the author, available translations, and critical commentary.

Heckel, Waldemar. Who's Who in the age of Alexander the Great : prosopography
of Alexander's empire.

Ref DF234.2 .H39 2006 Porter.

Concise biographies of over 800 individuals known from the literary and epigraphic sources for the age of Alexander.

Who's Who in the Ancient World. A Handbook to the Survivors of the Greek and Roman Classics.
Ref DE7.R33 1971b Porter.

Who's Who in the Classical World.
Ref DE7.W44x 2000 Porter.

Who Was Who in the Greek World, 776 BC - 30 BC.
Ref DF208.W48 1982 Porter.

Biographical dictionary listing notable historical personages. Illustrated, with glossary, maps, and family trees.

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Classical World Bibliography of Greek Drama and Poetry.
Ref Z7023.D7C58 1978 Porter.

Bibliographies excerpted from the Classical World, providing summary and analysis of major books and articles, covering several decades of scholarship in the United States and Canada.

Classical World Bibliography of Roman Drama and Poetry and Ancient Fiction.
Ref Z7026.C53 1977 Porter.

Another title in the Classical World series described above.

Gwinup, Thomas. Greek and Roman Authors: A Checklist of Criticism.
Ref PA3001.G84x 1982 Porter.

Halton, Thomas P. Classical Scholarship: An Annotated Bibliography.
Ref DE59.H34x 1986 Porter.

Annotated, subject classified, bibliographical guide to classical scholarship. International scope. Lists reference sources and monographs. Includes subject and author indexes.

Rollins, Alden M. The Fall of Rome: A Reference Guide.
Ref DG311.R644x 1983 Porter.

Selectively annotated bibliography listing twentieth century English monographs and journal articles.

Rome in the Fourth Century A.D.: An Annotated Bibliography with Historical Overview.
Ref DG311.R6444x 1991 Porter

Year's Work in Modern Language Studies.
Abs PB1.Y45 Porter

Evaluates critical editions and secondary works. Covers Latin in section I.

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Periodical Indexes

Arts & humanities citation index/Web of Science
Library has: 1975 to present.

Based on the citation indexes from ISI. Indicates who cited what.

L'Année philologique
Library has: 1969 to present.
Library has: 1924 to present in paper.
Ref PA39.A55x Porter.

The standard index for all aspects of classics. Includes journal citations, book reviews, and books arranged by subject.

Bibliotheca scriptorum classicorum herausgegeben von Wilhelm Engelmann.
Library has: Bd. 1 t. 1-Bd. 2 t. 2
REF PA39 .B53x 1880 (1959).

Bibliotheca scriptorum classicorum et graecorum et latinorum : die literatur von 1878 bis 1896 einschliesslich umfassend.
Library has: v.1-2
REF PA39.B532x 1909 Porter.

Gnomon Online
1997 to present.

International index to monographs, journal articles, conference papers, essays in collections and dissertations in many languages.

Humanities Abstracts
Wilson Web
Indexing from 1907; Abstracts from 1984; Full Text from 1994.
Scholars Portal Search/CSA Illumina interface
Abstracts from 1984.

Lambrino, Scarlat. Bibliographie de l'antiquité classique, 1896-1914.
Ref PA39.L35x 1951 pt. 1 Porter.

Continued by: Dix années de bibliographie classique (PA39.A55x 1927 Porter) and L'Année philologique (Ref PA39.A55x Porter).

Marouzeau, Jules. Dix années de bibliographie classique . . . 1914-1924, 1927-1928.
Library has: t. 1-2
Ref PA39.A55x 1927 Porter.

Continued by: L'Année philologique (Ref PA39.A55x Porter).

1992 to present.

Tables of contents of core North American Classical Studies journals.

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Language Dictionaries

Andrews, Ethan Allen. A Latin Dictionary Founded on Andrew's Edition of Freund's Latin Dictionary.
Ref PA2365.E5A7 1958 Porter.
Rev., enl., and in great part rewritten / by Charlton T. Lewis and Charles S. Short.

A Greek-English lexicon compiled by Henry George Liddell and Robert Scott.
Ref PA445.E5 L6 1996 Porter.

Scanned 1875 edition.
Searchable 1925 edition.

Niermeyer, Jan Frederick. Mediae Latinitatis Lexicon Minus.
Ref PA2891.N54x 1954 Porter.
A Medieval Latin-French/English dictionary.

Oxford Latin Desk Dictionary.
Ref PA2365.E5 P66 2005 Porter.

Oxford Latin Dictionary.
Ref PA2365.E509 1968 Porter.

Pocket Oxford Latin Dictionary.

Souter, Alexander. A Glossary of Later Latin to 600 A. D., 1964.
Ref PA2308.E5S6 Porter.

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Athena: Classical Mythology on CD-ROM.
Available on dedicated terminals in Porter.

Bulfinch’s mythology : the age of fable, the age of chivalry, legends of Charlemagne.
Ref BL310.B76 Porter.

Grant, Michael. Who's Who in Classical Mythology.
Ref BL715.G68 1973b Porter.

Harnsberger, Caroline Thomas. Gods and Heroes: A Quick Guide to Occupations, Associations and Experiences of the Greek and Roman Gods and Heroes.
Ref BL785.H37x 1977 Porter.

Best subject access available.

Hansen, William F. Handbook of Classical Mythology.
Ref BL723.H36 2004 Porter.

March, Jenny. Cassell's Dictionary of Classical Mythology.
Ref BL715.M37 2001 Porter.

Monaghan, Patricia. The Book of Goddesses and Heroines.
Ref BL473.5.M66 1981 Porter.

Oswalt, Sabine G. Concise Encyclopedia of Greek and Roman Mythology, 1969.
Ref BL303.O83 Porter.

Pears Encyclopaedia of Myths and Legends.
Ref BL311.P4 1976b Porter.

Rose, Herbert Jennings. A Handbook of Greek Mythology, Including Its Extension to Rome.
Ref BL781.R65 Porter.

The Routledge handbook of Greek mythology
Based on H.J. Rose’s "Handbook of Greek mythology".

Women of classical mythology : a biographical dictionary .
Ref BL715.B445 1991 Porter.

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Electronic Texts

Library of Latin Texts
Latin literature from Classical Antiquity up to the second century C.E.; patristic Latin literature 200 -  735 C.E.; Literature from the Middle Ages (736 - 1500); Neo-Latin Literature (1501 - 1962)

Brills new Jacoby
New edition of Jacoby's fragments of the Greek historians supplemented with English translations and critical commentary. Also includes an online edition of the original Die Fragmente der Griechischen Historiker.

Packard Humanities Institute
Latin literature to A.D. 200 and Greek texts of the late imperial and Byzantine periods and the Greek and Latin documentary papyri from the 4th century B. C. to the 8th century A. D. (available on CD-ROM; Contact Christine Jewell)

Patrologia Latina
Jacques-Paul Migne's Patrologia Latina, the works of the Church Fathers from Tertullian in 200 AD to the death of Pope Innocent III in 1216.

Thesaurus Linguae Graecae
Greek texts from Homer to A.D. 600. (Available on CD-ROM; contact Christine Jewell)

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