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Geospatial Centre

What's New at the Geospatial Centre?

The Geospatial Centre provides geospatial data services to the uWaterloo academic community and houses a collection of printed cartographic resources including sheet maps, aerial photographs, and atlases.  Geospatial data services include reference, instruction, and access to GIS and remote sensing data.

The geographical focus of the geospatial data and cartographic collections is the local area: e.g., Kitchener, Waterloo, Region of Waterloo, and adjacent Ontario counties.   Information resources, both printed and digital, are collected increasingly less intensively the greater the distance from the local area: from southwestern Ontario, to the province of Ontario, to Canada as a whole, and so on.  Significant data resources acquired by the Geospatial Centre include provincial-level environmental data, nation-wide Canadian street data, and orthoimagery for all of southwestern Ontario.

There are approximately 20,000 maps in the printed map collection, ranging in geographical extent from maps of the City of Waterloo to maps of the world. The Geospatial Centre has a collection of 55,000 aerial photographs for various parts of southwestern Ontario and has 500 atlases for Canada and for foreign countries around the world.







, Library Associate
November 14, 2013