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GIS-Related Podcasts and Tutorials

Geospatial Centre staff have created the following podcasts, hands-on tutorials and Powerpoint slides to assist new users with the basics of specific software programs.  Each tutorial comes with a manual and corresponding GIS files.



Introduction to ArcGIS 10.2 (tutorial June 2014).

GIS Analysis using ArcGIS 9.3 (tutorial).

Introduction to GIS Software (ArcGIS Mapping and Spatial Analysis) Podcast, 2010  Tutorial also available.

Mapping Census Data Podcast, 2010) (WMV) Tutorial also available for ArcGIS 9.3 and ArcGIS 10

Beyond 20/20 ver. 7.0: Statistical Data Browser Software (2013 Guide)

Mapping Survey Results (geocoding) Podcast, 2009 - WMV. Tutorial also available.

A complete Guide to (2013 Tutorial)

Converting Shapefiles into CAD Drawing Format in ArcMap 10.1 or ArcCatalog (Converting Shapefiles into CAD drawing 2013 Guide)

Working with Digital Elevation Models and Digital Terrain Models in ArcMap 10.1 (2013 Guide)

Georeferencing Raster Data using ArcMap 10.1 (2013 Guide)

Joining Tables Using ArcMap (2013 Guide)


Open Source GIS Software

Creating Simple Maps in TatukGIS (tutorial)

Creating Simple Maps in QuantumGIS (tutorial) 2013



Creating a Walking Tour Map with Google Earth  (2014 Tutorial)

A Comparison of features in Google Earth 7.0 and Google Earth Pro 7.0 (2013 Guide)

Converting Shapefile to KML Application Review (2009 Guide)

Georeferencing Historical Maps in Google Earth, Podcast, 2010. (WMV) Tutorial also available.

Converting Shp to KML via GeoCommons (2014 Guide)

Introduction to Google Sketchup (tutorial).

Create and Share a Map in (tutorial, 2014)

Introduction to SimplyMap (2014 tutorial).

Mapping with Google Fusion Tables (2014 tutorial)

Creating a Choropleth Map with Google Fusion (tutorial, 2014)

ArcGIS Online ( (tutorial 2014)

Scribble Maps (2014 tutorial)

Creating Personalized Maps in Google Maps (2013 tutorial)


Geocoding in Google Earth and ArcGIS 10. 2011 (Tutorial)

Geocoding in Zeemap. 2011 (Tutorial).

Geocoding in BatchGeo Podcast, 2010.  Tutorial also available (2012)

Google Fusion - Geocoding and Map Creation (2012) (tutorial).



Google Sketchup Pro (Tutorial)

Using ODESI for Spatial Analysis (2012 Guide)



Please contact Eva Dodsworth with your questions and suggestions. 

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August 19, 2014