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Digital Historical Air Photos of Woolwich Township


Photo: IMD2b


1930 photo : This small tile has been combined with IME24

1955 Photo:

Right click file name and 'Save Target As'

File Name File Size File Description
1955_IMD2b.tif 5.0 M TIF image format


 1 KB

Transformation text file used by GIS software to place the aerial TIF (tfw) photograph in a true map coordinate location.

1955_IMD2b.jpg 100 KB JPG image format - converted from TIF image


1.1 M PDF image format - converted from TIF image
1955_IMD2b.kmz 1.3 M

KMZ image format - view in Google Earth - converted from TIF Image

*This file will save as a .zip.  Please rename to .KMZ.

Original images used to create this image tile : 4326_81, 4325_189 



Projection Information

The aerial photographs are projected to the UTM coordinate system, zone 17, based on the North American Datum of 1983.




Please email any questions, comments or suggestions to :

Eva Dodsworth, Geospatial Data Services Librarian

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September 26, 2012