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Collection Support for New Courses and Programs

It is important that the Library be kept informed of changes in course offerings in order that we use our resources to provide the best possible curriculum support. To that end, we ask faculty for cooperation in keeping liaison librarians informed about changes in departments' course offerings.

Here is what we ask you to do: When course changes are at the point of going forward from departments to the faculty undergraduate or graduate group, please inform the liaison librarians involved of all proposed changes. This might most easily be accomplished by copying the information going forward to the faculty group to the appropriate librarian(s).

A list of liaison librarians is found at:

The liaison librarian will follow up as appropriate regarding the proposed changes, and will inform the Assistant University Librarian, Information Resources of his/her review of proposed changes. Prior to meetings of Senate Undergraduate or Graduate Council, the Assistant University Librarian will confirm to Associate Deans, probably by email, that course changes appearing on the Council's agenda have been dealt with.

(Please note that use of the forms "Collection Support for New Courses" and "Collection Support for New Programs" as part of the documentation for Senate Undergraduate and Graduate Councils has been discontinued.)

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Liaison Librarians
Last Updated: June 14, 2005