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The Seagram Family

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Portrait of Joseph Emm Seagram ca. 1900
Joseph Emm Seagram ca. 1900

Joseph Emm Seagram was born in 1841 to Octavius Augustus Seagram and his wife, Amelia Stiles, who had emigrated to the Galt area (now Cambridge, Ont.) from Wiltshire, England in 1837.

Joseph and his younger brother Edward were orphaned in their teens, and lived for six years at Dr. Tassie's boarding school in Galt. After spending a year at business college in Buffalo, New York, Joseph Seagram returned to Canada, where he worked as a bookkeeper and manager at various mills in Galt and Stratford.

In 1864 he went to work for William Hespeler at the Granite Mills in Waterloo, which was to be the foundation of his career as a distiller.

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The Family

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