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Guidelines for Use of Instructional Laptops located in LIB 512B

The laptops' primary function is for instructional purposes. Laptops may leave the Dana Porter Library with the knowledge that the instructor (or designate) is responsible for their transportation and return.

Before the Session

  1. Book the laptops you require out of the group of three by going to the booking website.
  2. The laptops are stored in LIB 512B on the third shelf from the bottom.
  3. To transport the laptops make sure that you have a book truck available to transport the laptops and chargers to and from the flex lab.
  4. Log in to the libtrain account (the password can be found on the white boards in the flex lab).

At the Session 

  1. The wireless can be turned on by holding the FN key and pressing the F12 key. The wireless connection should only be through eduroam (not uw-guest). If you are having trouble connecting, refer to the instruction sheet provided with the laptops.
    1. Add "" behind your Nexus (WatIAM) username, and your password (i.e.
  2. If students cannot connect to the wireless with their credentials:
    1. WatIAM/Quest authentication is used.
    2. Please note, however, that you can still use your WatIAM information, BUT you must then make sure that you record on an authentication sheet the user’s name and the number on the laptop that they are using in case there are any abuses of the wireless network.
  3. When you enter your eduroam credentials a small window pops up. Select connect.
    1. Alert the students that they MUST run the "Clear Eduroam Credentials.cmd" found on the desktop before logging off.
    2. Alternatively, advise them to leave the computers on (i.e., don’t close the browser, log off, etc.) and do it yourself.
  4. At the end of the session, before logging off, run the "Clear Eduroam Credentials.cmd" found on the desktop. (This step is very important, as eduroam doesn't always break your connection and could keep you logged on if the batch isn't run.)
  5. Collect the laptop(s).
  6. Ensure that the wireless is turned off by hitting the “FN” key and “F12”. You should see the light at the front, bottom right of the laptop turn off.
    1. If you need to check to verify disconnection, point the browser to, which will bring up the authentication page.

After the Session

  1. Ensure that the laptop(s) are correctly connected to their corresponding charging stations, restarted and at the login window.


  1. If the browser page upon booting up reads "The page cannot be displayed"
    1. First check:
      • Retry getting Library home page by selecting the "home" icon.
    1. Second check:
      • Make sure the (orange) wireless light is on.
      • If wireless was off wait a few seconds to allow the wireless to connect.
      • Click on Refresh or Home.
  2. Battery life is approximately 3.5 hours.
If you have any queries or concerns about this page, please contact .
October 8, 2015