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Cataloguing Department


Cataloguing Dept. x33375
Dept. Head: Betty Graf x36584

Rush Cataloguing

All requests for Rush Cataloguing or Catalogue Corrections should be sent by E-mail

Janet Bender x32617
Nancy Heimpel x33375

Catalogue Maintenance

Bibliographic: Susan Lancsak x36858 or Alison Hitchens x35980

Holdings Ingrid Pinos x36581

Electronic Resources

Alison Hitchens x35980

Department Structure

revised 2013-12-16


Betty Graf (Dept. Head)

Nancy Heimpel (Dept. Secretary)

Meredith Fischer (Authority Control)

Cataloguing Teams

Alison Hitchens (Cataloguing and Metadata Librarian)

Cataloguing Responsibiltiies:

  • Formats: electronic resources and cartographic materials
  • Non-English languages: Romance and Classical languages
  • Liaison with Porter ISR

Cataloguing and Information Service Associates on Alison's Team:

  • Roslyn Keller
  • Al Smith
  • Mark Spencer
  • Cornelia Tiba

Zsuzsanna Lancsak (Cataloguing and Metadata Librarian)

Cataloguing Responsibilities:

  • Formats: print resources and rare books
  • Non-English languages: Germanic and Slavic languages
  • Liaison with Davis ISR
  • Co-op student supervision

Cataloguing and Information Service Associates on Susan's Team:

  • Maria Reinhard
  • Larisa Smyk
  • Liz Wehner

Holdings Maintenance and Inventory Control

Ingrid Pinos (Supervisor)


  • Expedited cataloguing of English print material with Library of Congress copy available
  • Withdrawals and location changes
  • Added volumes and copies
  • Item preparation
  • Approvals and receiving of materials

Expedited cataloguing:

  • Janet Bender
  • Connie Deighan
  • Karen Shantz

Holdings Maintenance

  • Jenny Williams


  • Velma Smith
  • Lesley Wade (Supervisor)


  • Laurie Kaufman
  • Esther Pinnock


Alison Hitchens, Cataloguing and Metadata Librarian | x35980 |
Susan Lancsak, Cataloguing and Metadata Librarian | x36858 |

December 16, 2013