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Flextime Guidelines

Library Flextime Guidelines


Flextime is a work scheduling system that allows individuals to adjust their daily hours of work in accordance with these guidelines without affecting normal pay.

The underlying concept of flextime is that individuals are capable of making responsible judgements about their working hours according to the demands of the job and their personal life.

Guiding Principles

  1. Adequate staffing must be assured during standard departmental hours
  2. The nature of the work determines the degree of flexibility possible
    1. it is understood that certain positions are not suited to flextime
    2. departmental variations can occur in the application of these guidelines
  3. Individuals are expected to:
    1. work 5 days per week, generally Monday to Friday
    2. report unexpected absences by 9:30 AM at latest
    3. coordinate and communicate working hours and desired time off with their supervisor and other members of their work group
  4. Department Heads are expected to:
    1. document and communicate departmental specific applications
    2. work with department supervisors on the application of these variations
    3. under exceptional circumstances, department heads may approve variations to these guidelines


Hours of Work

Eating Periods

Recording Time Worked

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June 3, 2010