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Flextime Guidelines

Library Flextime Relevant Policies and Practices

In situations where there are different interpretations of the regulations and their applications decisions will be made by the Supervisor in consultation with the Department Head, and occasionally with the Director, Organizational Service.

Bereavement Leave: When a death occurs in a staff member's family, reasonable time off will be granted. Refer to UW Guidelines:  Bereavement Leaves at

Emergency Leave: Emergencies are occasional, sudden and require immediate attention.  Refer to UW Guidelines at

Employment Standards for Ontario: see Act at

Overtime:  Should it be necessary, overtime will be managed outside of the flextime system: see UW Policy 16:

Paid Holidays: see UW Policy 38:

Personal appointments: Normally personal appointments are taken on a person’s own time.  

Medical appointments:  Normally doctor’s appointments, including appointments for tests, are taken on a person’s own time.  In some circumstances however, these appointments may be recorded as either sick leave or as work time. Refer to library guidelines at

Sick Leave: for general information about sick leave, refer to library guidelines at

Vacation: see UW Policy 6:

Director, Organizational Services
May 31, 2010