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Flextime Guidelines

Flextime Summary Report

On July 1, 2010, new guidelines for flextime were introduced in the Library on a trial basis.  After a year of experience with the new guidelines, an ad hoc group gathered feedback about the trial in order to make recommendations to the managers group, including whether to make the trial permanent.  The group developed a brief survey to gather anonymous feedback during the summer 2011.  The survey results* are as follows:

Which statement best describes your overall assessment of the new flex guidelines? (choose all that apply)
New flex is way better 49 73%
Really helps with work/life balance 47 70%
No change to my world 3 4%
New flex is terrible 0 0%
Are the flex guidelines easy to understand and apply?
yes 64 96%
No 3 4%
Is there anything you would change?
Yes 6 9%
No 60 91%
Do you find the flextime website useful?
Yes 60 92%
No 5 8%
Are there any department specific issues you would like to comment on?
Yes 4 6%
No 61 94%
Total responses 67

* in order to maintain anonymity, all comments were removed.

Director, Organizational Services
September 16, 2011