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Davis Renovation Planning Team



Task and Lounge Chair Discussion
Chair Evaluation; Site Meeting info; Budget update
Furniture Requirement Sheet; Budget update
Davis Copy Centre plans; Chairs; Project Manager role; misc items
Book Moving & Related Issues, Loose Ends list
Updates from User Services, Facilities, ISR; Furniture Committee; LEC meeting; Unfinished Items
Publicity, Moving the Collections, Staff Issues
Collections Moving Plans, Barry Lehmann - construction manager, Colour Board
Loose Ends, Funding, Lighting, Millwork & Computer arm, Service and Staffing Issue, IST subpanel, Electrolock, Webpage
Updated timeline & budget; website; misc. issues
Recap of previous furniture discussion; discussion of ref desk; elemental cost estimate sheet
Discussion of circ desk, computer hub, express stations, attendant kiosk
Review of Phase 1 plans, millwork, desks, and hub
Review of Draft Website; discussion of Sys D project
Review of Schematic Design, Phase 1, Optoin 1 main level floor plan


Discuss lower level conceptual plan. Master Plan accepted.
General renovation goals; data sheets
Review of plan stages, discussion on details; seating capacity
Report on desk meeting, discussion of plan v1.2
Update to ISR & US staff, Coffee Shop
Phase 1 items, Schedule & Design Process, User Input
Presentation by Walter Fedy Partnership
Follow-up from 1st meeting with Dan Parent
Open Forum for Library Staff
Consultation of Groups/Presentation of Information
Discussion of final draft of Key Elements document
Meeting with Helena, Rex, Murray, and Davika
Meeting with Helena and Rex to discuss images
Meeting with Ketchum Consultants
Funding (Mary & Murray); SD Presentation 3 review
SD Presentation 2 review; Design competition; Micro area; Susan & Mark meeting
Note to staff re DCIC and SD 348
Area data sheets review for web; slide show Penn and Drexel Libraries
Areas Data sheet review; Questions for ALA


Prep meeting with Susan & Mark; problems list; deliverables
Area data sheets assigned; Carl's design
Carl's design; Bazillion article - hindsight
User problems reported in UW studies
DCIC focus; problems in DC
Kick off meeting

Anne Fullerton, Project Chair

September 13, 2011