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Information Services Delivery Training Committee

Terms of Reference

The Information Services Delivery Training Committee coordinates training activity for new and current staff, within the Information Services & Resources Department (ISR) and for those from other departments, who work at information services delivery points. Recognizing that staff from other libraries associated with the University of Waterloo may also benefit from training sessions developed for information services staff, the Committee invites others to participate as appropriate.

The Committee focuses its attention on training necessary to support staff working at information services delivery points, with particular emphasis on face to face service delivery.  The Committee is particularly concerned with training designed to ensure that staff can work with new resources and are kept up-to-date on matters, such as systems and policy changes, which affect the provision of information services. The Committee works closely with the ISR Department Heads to determine training needs and appropriate programs.

The Committee currently reports to the Head, Information Services & Resources - Porter.

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Co-ordinate the training of new staff who provide information services. Training includes campus awareness; and core and subject specific-reference.
  2. Maintain the Guidelines and Procedures for the Delivery of Information Services document and other core training materials.
  3. Monitor documents designed to support/supplement training and encourage those responsible for preparing/updating such documents to do so in a timely fashion.
  4. Encourage those responsible for purchasing new resources advise the Committee of any need for training. Establish similar mechanisms to be used by those responsible for policy and systems changes for which training is necessary.
  5. Receive training requests and handle each request as appropriate.
  6. Determine who is best suited to provide training for each resource, policy or systems change and work with that person/s to establish a time and place for the training. Book the necessary room and equipment.
  7. Consider what groups of staff each session is targeted at and issue notifications/invitations accordingly.
  8. Communicate with those responsible for training throughout the Library, particularly with a view to identifying training needs and opportunities that can be met by and/or shared with members of other departments.
  9. Evaluate training sessions and obtain and compile statistics about the sessions.
  10. Organize the annual Training Retreat.
  11. Maintain an awareness of training and development programmes offered elsewhere such as IST and the campus-wide Staff Training and Development Programme, vendors and professional organizations.
  12. Maintain a web page as a vehicle for letting staff know what training sessions will be offered and when. Consider/develop other means of promoting the Committee's existence and activity.


Two people from each of Davis and Porter ISR (preferably) and one person in a non-ISR position who works on an Information Desk. Membership will rotate every two years, preferably two members on and two members off to maintain continuity. If there are fewer than four ISR members, an ISR member can be replaced by a non-ISR member who serves at either the Davis or Porter Information Desk. The chair, who will be an ISR Librarian, will be appointed by the membership prior to the recruitment for new members (August of each year) and for a term not to exceed two years. The ISR staff person responsible for the Core Reference training module will be a permanent member of the committee.

One additional staff from ISR will provide administrative support for duties such as recording minutes and scheduling.


This committee does not have a budget.  All financial requests should be submitted to the administrative contact: Head, Information Services & Resources - Porter, with one exception.  All requests for OLA Education Institute workshops can be forwarded directly to Annette Dandyk.  Approval is assumed.


In addition to UW Library staff, staff from the Witer Learning Resource Centre, Conrad Grebel College, St. Jerome's University, Renison College, the other TUG libraries, and units such as the Career Resource Centre and CTE may be invited to attend sessions.


September 15, 2014