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Library Instruction Committee - Staff Only

About LINC

UW Library Services strives to create an environment for users to become independent, lifelong learners through the development of information literacy skills. The Library Instruction Committee’s activities promote and complement discipline-specific instruction given by Liaison Librarians. The committee receives support from a variety of Library staff to ensure the successful planning, promoting and production of library instruction.


Prior to 2002 the instruction committee was called the User Education Committee, and consisted of both Information Services and Resources, and Circulation Services staff. The User Education Committee maintained library orientation (including print publicity), promotions to university and student organizations, library instruction, and user education (including webpages such as the “Services for…” pages).

In 2001/2002 the committee changed its name to the Library Instruction Committee (LINC), shifted its direction to focus on information literacy, and developed new Terms of Reference. This shift altered the constituency of the committee, which saw the departure of Circulation Services, and a reassignment of promotional activities to the Outreach department/group.



October 17, 2011