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Library Instruction Committee - Staff Only

Guidelines for Filling in the Form
Data Element Description
Duration Length of workshop to nearest 15 minutes.
Type of Workshop
  1. Course related: means the participants were all in a specific course or a specific academic group (e.g. Prof. Smith's grad students, Architecture grad students).
  2. Library instruction sponsored: UW sessions offered as part of the Library Instruction program.
  3. Other: sessions for other UW and non-UW groups.
Faculty Select the appropriate one. Use Other only if the session is not affiliated with a UW academic class or group.
Year of Study 1 - 4 are years for undergrad courses.
Professor (last name) Name of the person teaching the course or supervising a group of grad students.
Department or Group Academic departments are listed first followed by other known groups or names of frequent workshops. Use other if your group is not listed.
Location Select one of the locations listed. For all other locations, choose Other.
Number of Participants How many people attended.
Workshop Given By Your last name and those of co-presenters.
E-mail Address E-mail address of the staff member submitting this form.

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February 13, 2006