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Library Managers

University of Waterloo
Library Managers, November 8, 2017

Present: Betty Graf, Jennifer Haas, Melanie Hannaford (Recorder), Alison Hitchens, Sharon Lamont (Chair), Kathy MacDonald, Alex McCulloch, Ian Robson, Adam Savage

Regrets: Beth Namachchivaya, Nick Richbell

Guests: Pree Rao

1. Business Arising
Beth is currently at CARL in Ottawa and Nick is in Rhode Island at the Digital Scholarship Planning Workshop.

Following up on the Skype for Business discussion, Managers agreed that if cost is not an issue it made sense to put everyone on the same long distance calling policy and audit as needed.

Melanie will confirm with HR if co-ops/MLIS interns are included in the temporary hiring process and will report back to Managers.

2. Recognition and Commendation
November 4 – Derek Scoular, Circulation Services, Porter, 15 Years

The Library will be presented with Excellence Canada Silver in Toronto tomorrow. For the campus’ efforts in Excellence Canada Going for Gold, Sharon is co-chair for the People Engagement working group.

3. Naming the new spaces created/impacted by the renovations
Continuing a conversation from August when Sarah Brown spoke to Managers about naming the new spaces created/impacted by the renovations, Pree provided a draft list of suggestions, along with some naming criteria. Managers provided some feedback, suggesting that the naming conventions should apply Library-wide, rather than just for the renovations. In terms of criteria, the names should be memorable/short/pronounceable, and timeless.

Sharon will ask the Space Information Advisory Group if there is campus wide criteria, and she and Alex will join the upcoming user-sub group meeting to help move this along.

4. MAP3 Retreat debrief and Resource Day planning
Managers reflected on the recent Multi-year Annual Planning & Priorities Process (MAP3) retreat, discussing what worked well, and what could be improved upon for the 2019 retreat. There was positive feedback that the 2017 retreat was smoother than the 2015 retreat, and the review process from the MAP3 team was very beneficial, as the proposals were much clearer. Managers agreed that the context piece should come earlier in the process to help inform the writing of the proposals, and the opportunities to ask clarification questions about the proposals needs to be done differently.

Managers worked through expectations and plans of the upcoming MAP3 Resourcing Day, which will include re-confirming the recommendations that came out of the retreat, and timelining the proposals.

5. Around the Table
Scholars Portal Day is coming up on December 8, and they will be live streaming and recording the day. Alison will work with Graham Yeates to set up LIB 428 for Library staff to view the live stream.

WatITis is being held on December 5 and Adam, Josh, and Alison are on the organizing committees. Managers are encouraged to let their staff know about it, as there are sessions that might be of interest to others.

There are sessions being held on November 16 and December 5 to view and discuss the Run Hide Fight video with Campus Police, and Managers are encouraged to attend.

Sue Arruda has worked on shifting the collection in Porter and we’ve ended up with more space on the 3rd floor than expected. In order to provide more accessibility, the ranges closest to the south side will be removed in order to create bigger aisles to confirm with current building code. Planning is in the early stages.

Next meeting: November 22, 2017

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November 24, 2017