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Library Managers

University of Waterloo
Library Managers, May 10, 2017

Present: Annie Bélanger, Betty Graf, Melanie Hannaford (Recorder), Alex McCulloch, Ian Robson, Adam Savage

Regrets: Alison Hitchens, Sharon Lamont, Kathy MacDonald, Nick Richbell

Annie welcomed Adam to his first Managers meeting as Head, LTFS.

1. Reno update
Alex and Adam provided Managers with an update on the reno, indicating we are on track to start construction the last week of July. We will be going into an RFP bid period soon for the staff furniture, and will be communicating with staff on furniture specifics. Once the furniture vendor has been selected, charrettes will be organized with staff to get to more detailed design options for standardized workstations. Current furniture will be reviewed to see what would like to be kept. Alex advised Managers on the updated thinking for a swing plan, and informed them that the Davis front entrance will be closed temporarily, hopefully during intercession. The west side emergency exit will be used during this time period.

2. Acquisitions Budget update
Ian provided a synopsis of the 2016/2017 acquisition budget, and a forecast of 2017/2018. Some projects being undertaken in 2017/18 are a review of the Big Deals and its ramifications at Waterloo, researching the new budget model to ensure better alignment, and a needs assessment for the acquisitions budget. Ian will be presenting at a joint ISR meeting this Friday.

3. Projects Definitions
Annie reviewed a draft document of project definitions, which will be used by the MAP3 Training and Communication sub-team as part of their training. This document details the differences between a task vs. a project, and includes criteria for small, medium and large projects. Managers provided feedback, and Annie will revise and include a chart detailing how to propose a project, the approval path and resourcing, before sending to the sub-team for training purposes.

4. High-level budget model overview
Annie provided a high-level overview of the new Waterloo budget model. The Library has two budgets: Operating and Acquisitions. Drivers are assigned to each for the purposes of funding these budgets:
• Operating’s drivers are undergraduate FTE and graduate FTE
• Acquisitions’ drivers are undergraduate FTE, graduate FTE, and faculty FTE.

If we think of each budget as a pie, the number of FTE in each of these drivers for each Faculty affects the percentage of the pie that the particular Faculty is accountable for, but not the overall size of the pie. In other words, as student enrolment grows, the size of the pie does not necessarily grow, but the size of slice of pie for each Faculty might change year to year. In order to increase the size of our pie, we would need to go to the proposed Accountability Board, which is expected to include the President, the Provost, 2-3 Deans, and the VP of Administration and Finance.

5. Around the Table
Managers acknowledged that it was Annie’s last meeting, and wished her well.

Next meeting: May 24, 2017

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May 26, 2017