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Library Managers

University of Waterloo
Library Managers, September 13, 2017

Present: Betty Graf, Jennifer Haas, Melanie Hannaford (Recorder), Alison Hitchens, Alex McCulloch, Beth Namachchivaya (Chair), Adam Savage

Regrets: Sharon Lamont, Kathy MacDonald, Nick Richbell

Guests: Mary Lynne Bartlett, Jenny Hirst

1. Business Arising
Policy 55 is a new policy being developed by the Office of Institutional Analysis and Planning to coordinate the administration of campus wide and broad based non-academic research surveys. The policy is currently in draft form, and we expect it to be finalized by later in the fall.

As the new term has started, there is continued awareness in supporting student mental health and wellness. Managers were reminded that October 24 is Mental Health and Wellness Day.

2. Using Qualtrics for Surveys
Jenny Hirst provided an overview and brief demo of Qualtrics Online Surveys, an enterprise-class survey system recently launched by IST. Although Qualitrics is still in the pilot phase, UWaterloo faculty, staff and graduate students currently have access to it with their WatIAM credentials, for academic and research use. The functionality is similar to Survey Monkey, however data is stored and backed up in a Canadian data centre. More information can be found on the IST website:

3. Student Engagement Committee update
Mary Lynne Bartlett gave an update of the recent Orientation events that the Student Engagement Committee took part in, and some upcoming events planned for the Fall. Library Day will be held on October 16 with a fall fair theme, and a UWaterloo 60th Anniversary tie-in. There is also a plan to bring in therapy dogs for students this semester, around the time of mid-terms.

4. OCUL CF Requirements
The OCUL-CF Requirements & Evaluation Working Group is currently working on the RFP and Alison is looking to gather further feedback on the functional requirements that were collected during the Phase 2 of OCUL-CF. Alison will send an email to Managers requesting this feedback, and will attend the joint ISR meeting on Friday for further discussion.

5. Use of territorial acknowledgement
Managers had a follow up discussion from the August 9 meeting about the use of territorial acknowledgement. Managers agreed to placing the acknowledgement on the About page of the library website, and we will continue to think strategically about identifying ways to do reconciliation related activities, tying in with campus initiatives. Individuals are welcome to add the acknowledgement as part of their email signature, but are reminded to confirm the correct wording.

Action: Alison will speak with the MAP3 team to determine if this should be introduced as an “on the radar” proposal, and will arrange to have the acknowledgment added to our website.

6. Around the Table
Update on Science Literacy Week Sept. 18 – 24
Many thanks to those who contributed: Davis ISR, Circulation, Cataloguing, Student Engagement Committee, Special Collections and Archives, Library Office, and Communications

Link to the Waterloo news item:

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The University logo is on the partners page.

We are due to be listed on the Events page.

Blind Date with a Science Book
September 19 to 22 in the Davis Centre Library
Visit Davis Library to find your mystery “date.” Read clues about books that are wrapped in paper. Do any intrigue you? Pick one to take home!

E-health literacy information session
Monday September 18 at 10:00 am in DC 1301
Learn how and where to find online health information, what to look out for, good questions to ask, and how to communicate what you find to your health team.

Science Café
Wednesday September 20, 4:30 to 6:00 pm in the Grad House “green room”
Hear a panel of post-doctoral researchers from the Faculty of Science discuss how and why their research questions were formulated. There will be time for questions and free coffee and cookies will be provided! Register for this event.

Special Collections & Archives showcase
The month of September in Davis Centre Library
See items from Special Collections & Archives that have inspired the careers, passions and inventive nature of scientists on display.

Posters (The theme is using your critical thinking skills while reading science. This applies to both popular and academic articles.)
The case of the disappearing teaspoon
Manifesto for reproducible science
Wait – is that really true?

Reno update: contracts were awarded last week, and construction could start as early as Friday.

We are working on a Quarterly Update to the Provost, and Alison will send an email to Managers for suggested updates.

Scholars Portal has loaded Springer records, and we will be working on those records over the next several months.

Next meeting: September 27, 2017

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September 29, 2017