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Library Managers

University of Waterloo
Library Managers, June 14, 2017

Present: Betty Graf, Melanie Hannaford (Recorder), Alison Hitchens, Sharon Lamont (Chair), Kathy MacDonald, Alex McCulloch, Nick Richbell, Ian Robson, Adam Savage

Guests: Sarah Brown, Rochelle Davies, Jenny Hirst, Rebecca Hutchinson, Preethi Rao

1. Business Arising
Discussion re: soft phones will be continued at a future Managers meeting.

Melanie will be sending a communication to Library Managers and Supervisors to roll out the new Library Onboarding program, and will arrange for a drop-in session to review any questions.

Action: Sharon to send a list of upcoming library-wide meetings to Managers.

2. Recognition and Commendation
Managers recognized the recent graduations of the following Library staff members:

Mary Lynne Bartlett received her Master of Arts, Recreation and Leisure Studies – Tourism, through the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences.

Dave Gall will receive his Master of Library and Information Science from Western next week.

3. Creating a Library data, reporting and analytics committee
Alison and Jenny proposed the idea of creating a Library Data and Analytics Community of Practice, which would seek participants across the Library that are involved with the collection, analysis and reporting of data. This community of practice would provide an opportunity to gather people across departments to collaborate and share their expertise with respect to library data. Managers suggested providing some structure, including having a sponsor for the group. Alison and Jenny will work on scoping, and will send to Managers for further feedback.

4. Recruitment
Managers briefly discussed the status of ongoing recruits.

5. Associate University Librarian/Director portfolios discussion
As initially raised at the May 24th Managers meeting, Beth Namachchivaya asked Managers to reflect and provide feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of the current AUL/Director portfolios, in preparation for her arrival. Managers provided some initial input and agreed that the strategic and operational responsibilities need to be clarified and the matrix needs to be streamlined. Over the next few weeks, Managers are encouraged to continue to provide feedback to LibExec.

6. Performance Calibration
Rochelle Davies (Human Resources Partner) provided a high-level overview of Performance Calibration, which is the process of standardizing performance ratings across a unit, and establishing a more streamlined approach. Rochelle indicated there are several areas on campus who have gone through a calibration.

7. Reno update
There have been a number of requests over the years for a Multi-faith Prayer Room/Reflection Space. The Renovation Committee has identified an ideal space on the 7th floor which will be freed up as part of the renovations. Managers supported designating this room for this purpose. Proposals for the final name and other new spaces are still being developed.

Adam reviewed Staff Workstation Options to gather input from Managers on variability vs. standardization. Managers agreed that the workstations should be standardized based on job function, and suggested staff with similar job functions could review the options and come to a consensus.

8. Distribution of excess sit-stand workstations
Due to the renovations, we will have a few excess sit-stand workstations, and Managers discussed the appropriate process of redistributing them. Managers were told to encourage their staff who need one for medical reasons, to go to their doctor and submit the appropriate paperwork as soon as possible.

9. User Engagement/Digital Humanities Lab
Sarah Brown and Rebecca Hutchinson provided an overview of options of other spaces we could have once we move beyond the current renovation. Some of the options that have been brought to the Reno Advisory Committee are:

o Active Learning Classroom (NB: Porter 3rd floor will have one beside the Geospatial Centre)
o Data Analysis/Management Visualization
o Digital Humanities
o Displays
o Learning Commons
o Technology Enabled Study Rooms

Nick discussed the potential of creating a Digital Humanities Lab in the Library, as a Professor on campus has indicated she has received a grant for digitization but does not have the space to set up a lab. The terms of her grant need to be clarified, but Managers agreed that Nick should explore this opportunity further.

10. Around the Table
We would like to set up a Library Managers SharePoint site, where department one-page summaries (which will be used as part of the University Librarian’s onboarding) would be uploaded. Plans for what else will be added are being considered. Adam will proceed with setting up the site, giving permission to all Library Managers.

Next meeting: June 28, 2017

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June 29, 2017