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Library Managers

University of Waterloo
Library Managers, January 18, 2017

Present: Annie Bélanger, Betty Graf, Jennifer Haas, Beverly Hershey, Alison Hitchens, Sharon Lamont (Chair), Alex McCulloch, Kathy MacDonald, Carl Nagel, Nick Richbell, Ian Robson, Melanie Hannaford (Recorder)

1. Chair’s Remarks
January Anniversaries were acknowledged:

January 17 – Stefaniada Voichita, Davis Circulation, 10 Years
January 21 – Vera Starz, Collection Development, 15 Years

2. Business arising from December 19th
Sharon provided an update to Managers on Excellence Canada, and will be sending a communication to Library Staff. The communication will include links to the videos of the driver group meetings and the power point presentations. A survey will be sent out between February 13 – 28th. Verification Day has been booked for March 22nd and Managers will part of the verification process.

Managers discussed adding a section to the SharePoint site for Human Resources. The proposal is to include information on Recruiting, Onboarding, Training, Manuals and Guidelines.

HR has now confirmed that Performance Appraisals are due to them by Friday, March 17th, 2017. They need to be sent in to Carolyn before then.

3. Recruitment
Sharon provided a staffing update, and informed Managers that the Library plans to recruit 17 permanent positions over the next year. There will also be a number of temporary recruits for reassignments/secondments. Sharon will be sending a staffing update to Library Staff.

Best Practices Project Plan

• Annie Belanger will be departing mid-May to become the Dean of Libraries at Grand Valley State University.
• Beverly Hershey will retire at the end of March 2017.

Congratulations to both Annie and Bev on these milestone events.

4. UW Workplace Violence Survey
A Workplace Violence Survey was completed across campus in 2009, and the Safety Office has requested that the survey be repeated this year, as they are renewing their Workplace Violence Risk Assessment. Each Library department head has been asked to complete the survey from the perspective of their department, with full engagement of the department members to develop the answers. Submission deadline: February 27, 2017

5. Reno update
Annie provided Managers with an update on the renovation plans. She will be confirming with Managers that the right staffing, and specific spacing needs have been captured accurately. There will be further discussion at the next Managers meeting.

6. Around the Table
Staff Confidentiality Statement: Deferred

An email was sent to Managers providing an update and link to the Library 60th Anniversary website. It is going to IST, with the hopes of publishing by the end of the month. Managers have been asked to provide a fact or statistic relating to their area in order to highlight different aspects of the Library’s services on the website.

Encourage everyone to come and see the new SC&A exhibit. Be advised there is mature content. It wraps up February 28th.

Next meeting: February 8, 2017

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February 15, 2017