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Library Managers

University of Waterloo
Library Managers, May 24, 2017

Present: Betty Graf, Melanie Hannaford (Recorder), Alison Hitchens, Sharon Lamont (Chair), Alex McCulloch, Nick Richbell, Ian Robson, Adam Savage

Regrets: Kathy MacDonald

1. Business Arising
Sharon provided a MAP3 update, noting that a call for membership had recently gone out to Library staff to join the MAP3 team. There will be further conversations at the June 5 Managers retreat about Project Definitions, and what projects should be going to MAP3.

Sharon informed Managers that Beth Namachchivaya will be joining LibExec meetings biweekly via conference call until she arrives August 1.

Sharon reminded Managers about the recommendation from the Library Health, Safety and Wellness Committee to put a plan in place for cleaning the kitchenette once the reno is complete.

2. Recruitment
Sharon provided an update to Managers on the status of current recruits, and a staffing update will go out to Library staff soon.

Managers discussed the process of filling vacancies, and agreed that as each vacancy arises, it will be discussed amongst Managers and if everyone is in agreement, it will move forward. If there isn’t a consensus, a formal request will need to be brought forward.

Beth has requested feedback on the AUL portfolio’s, including the strengths and weaknesses of the model we have now. Managers will reflect and have further discussions at the next Managers meeting.

3. Soft Phones
Adam provided an overview of Skype for Business, which will be rolled out to Library staff. As part of Skype for Business’s functionality, it can be used as a phone by using a headset. With the new office layout, we need to determine if the Library will move to soft phones (using software on your computer as a phone), or keep traditional phones. Adam reviewed some of the advantages and risks of the soft phone, and indicated that if we move to this, there would still be a couple of traditional phones on each floor. It was agreed that Adam will send out an email to Managers who will be moving, and someone from each unit would test out soft phones as a trial. Input would need to be given to Adam by late July in order to make a decision if phone lines need to be installed.

Action: Adam will work with Lisa Maenpaa to do a cost analysis of soft phones vs. traditional phone lines.

4. OCUL Collaborative Futures (CF) update
Alison provided an update on OCUL CF, indicating that 13 Libraries including UWaterloo are moving forward. There are three other Libraries that are interested, but can’t commit at this time.

There will be several working groups created to keep the project on track. These working groups will have a maximum of 8 people, and will include:

• Governance
• Procurement RFP
• Shared Policy
• Implementation Planning

They are working on Terms of Reference, with a plan to have it completed by the end of May. Alison will be volunteering for the Procurement working group, but we will wait to see the Terms of Reference before deciding which other groups UWaterloo should have a presence on, because Waterloo won’t be able to have a representative on every committee. The recruitment of an Implementation Manager is currently underway.

5. Health, Safety & Environment Management System 2016 Review – Report
Sharon reviewed the Health, Safety & Environment Management System 2016 Review report, which was emailed to Managers on May 17. The report will be shared with the Library Health, Safety and Wellness committee. Overall the Library did very well, but the Safety Office provided some recommendations, which need to be implemented by November. One of the recommendations is to review the Job Hazard Analysis, which Adam will lead.

Action: Alex to send email re: temporary/casual staff who have completed the mandatory training to Sharon, who will follow up with the Safety Office.

6. Library Onboarding Program
Melanie provided an overview of the proposed new Library Onboarding Program, requesting feedback from Managers on the new elements. This included an updated Managers Onboarding Checklist, a new Orientation Schedule, a Buddy program, campus tours and Onboarding check-in’s. Managers provided feedback, and Melanie will work on implementing the suggested changes.

Adam is working on a new hire form for Managers to complete in preparation for new employees, in order to standardize tickets going to LTFS. Melanie will update the Onboarding documents once this has been completed.

Melanie will be meeting with the ISR Training committee to make sure efforts aren’t being duplicated, and determine if certain processes can be centralized.

A thank you was given to the members of the Onboarding Committee for their hard work.

Action: Alex will send Melanie documentation on Confidentiality and Green Office initiatives to be included in the New Hire Package, along with links to the video walking tours done by Circulation.

7. Preparation for Beth’s arrival
Managers discussed preparations for Beth’s arrival, and agreed that each department will put together a one page summary including: major projects, vision, etc. Each one-pager will be due mid-July. Managers should work with Melanie/Graham to schedule a 1 – 1.5 hr department meeting with Beth, to be held in August or September. Managers discussed the idea of holding a Library-wide Poster Fair, with each department completing and displaying a poster that represents their group. Timing and further details still to be determined.

8. Around the Table
Reminder of the upcoming events:

• Excellence Canada Silver debrief is on May 29, over the noon hour.
• The first Mental Health in the Workplace training session is May 25 at 1:00pm

Heather Parker and Sharon have been invited to be members of a new UW Accessibility Committee.

Beth Jewkes has organized a data visualization/data analytics session. Alison and Jenny Hirst will attend.

Arrangements for Rachel Hull’s dedication event are being made, which will be held at the end of June.

Siu Yu attended the Research Impacts Workshop on Thursday, May 18 organized by the Office of Research and gave a general overview of what the Library can offer in terms of market research.

Kathy and Jennifer attended the second Student Affairs Manager (SMAN) Roundtable. Topics identified for discussion in 2017 include wellness, new student transition, assessment practices and supporting international students.

Jennifer and Nick met with Kirsty Budd and Maria Barichello of the SSO to discuss how the Library supports the graduate student experience. The SSO is meeting with units across campus that support grad students with the goal of developing activities and projects that will have a high impact on grad students across campus

Kathy and Jennifer attended the information meeting about the new Co-op Research Certificate and the RFP for the Research PD course for the WatPD program. A Library response to the RFP is being considered.

The Library will be participating in Science Literacy week, a nationwide celebration of science, being held September 18th-24th. Planning is underway with support from the Outreach/Library Student Engagement Committee and Special Collections & Archives. Kathy Szigeti is organizing the Library’s activities and welcomes participation from anyone interested in helping out.

Next meeting: June 14, 2017

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June 19, 2017