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Library Managers

University of Waterloo
Library Managers, April 26, 2017

Present: Annie Bélanger, Betty Graf, Melanie Hannaford (Recorder), Sharon Lamont (Chair), Kathy MacDonald, Alex McCulloch, Carl Nagel, Ian Robson

Regrets: Jennifer Haas, Alison Hitchens, Nick Richbell

Guest: Preethi Rao

1. MAP3 Update
Annie, Kathy and Pree provided an update on MAP3, including the agreed upon high-level deliverables that were to be completed by now. Managers reviewed and provided feedback on updated Prioritization Criteria, draft Decision-Making Questions, along with updated Project and Staff Proposal templates including Quality Assurance checklists. The MAP3 Team will re-group to implement the suggested changes, and bring back to Managers for another review.

Kathy is leading the MAP3 Training and Communication sub-committee, and provided an update on their communication plan, and the training modules planned. Their first communication is scheduled to be sent out in mid-May, with training starting in late May/early June, and again in August.

2. Recognition and Commendation
May Anniversaries were acknowledged:
May 1 – Leah Haisoch, Porter Circulation, 15 Years
May 1 – Margaret Uhde, Porter Circulation, 15 Years

3. Business Arising
The Chair recognized that it was Carl’s last meeting before his retirement.

Sharon reminded Managers that Work from Home agreements/renewals need to be sent to Melanie.

4. Around the Table
A recommendation was made by the Library Health, Safety and Wellness Committee that a plan be put into place to manage the cleaning of the new kitchenettes after the reno is completed.

Reminder that circulation desk staff, particularly evening/weekend staff, are looking for projects.

Next meeting: May 10, 2017

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May 11, 2017