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Library Managers

University of Waterloo
Library Managers, June 28, 2017

Present: Jennifer Haas, Melanie Hannaford (Recorder), Alison Hitchens (Chair), Kathy MacDonald, Alex McCulloch, Nick Richbell, Ian Robson

Regrets: Betty Graf, Sharon Lamont, Adam Savage

Guest: Preethi Rao

1. Business Arising
Following the June 14th meeting, Sharon sent a list of upcoming library-wide functions to Managers, for their information.

Update on library data, reporting and analytics committee: Jenny has sent Alison some initial scoping, which Alison will send out to Managers for further feedback.

2. Recognition and Commendation
July’s Anniversaries were acknowledged:

July 3 – Yi-Mei Wang, Porter Circulation, 10 Years
July 5 – Susan Arruda, Porter Circulation, 35 Years

3. Planning for Next Process Mapping Training
Alison and Pree gathered feedback from Managers on the first two rounds of Process Mapping training, in preparation for their meeting with Scott Smith next week. In order to proceed with the planning of the third round of training, Managers provided suggestions for which process should be mapped next. Managers will take into consideration which staff have already attended training.

4. Recruitment
Managers discussed options for providing temporary backfill support to Alison.

5. Library Student Engagement
As sponsor for Library Student Engagement, Jennifer consulted with Managers on a name change for the Outreach Committee, and brought forward a revised draft Terms of Reference to better represent how the committee has evolved. Managers agreed to the proposed name Library Student Engagement Committee, and provided some feedback on the revised Terms of Reference. Jennifer will bring these suggestions back to the committee for changes in preparation for their next meeting on July 19.

6. Revamping the Web Usability Group
Managers discussed interim plans for the Web Usability Group, which is an essential component to maintaining and improving the Library’s web presence. Due to Helena Calogeridis’ retirement, it would be good timing to re-populate the group, however Managers acknowledged that there will likely be another revamp once the User Experience position is in place.

7. Performance Calibration
Managers reflected on Rochelle Davies’ June 14 presentation on Performance Calibration, and agreed the Library would not do a calibration as described by Rochelle this year.

8. Departmental Overview Template
Managers reviewed the departmental overview template which will be used for Beth Namachchivaya’s onboarding. Departments will have until mid-July to complete the template, and upload to the Managers SharePoint site.

9. Around the Table
OCUL is writing a white paper on open educational resources, and in consultation with campus partners Alison has completed a response of the survey which was sent to OCUL Directors.

OCUL Collaborative Futures Update: the steering committee is being finalized this week, and a call for other committees will be put out soon.

Pure project update: Ian met with Brenda from the Office of Research, and we are proceeding with hiring an MLIS co-op student to work on the project. Shannon has completed a summary of the different ways the Library has supported the project thus far, along with anticipated Library support.

Special Collections & Archives will have a new display on July 4 celebrating UWaterloo’s 60th Anniversary.

Reno update: Expecting a draft RFP and updated timeline today. All staff have moved off the 5th floor, and the moving company will be in on Tuesday. The floor is expected to be empty by July 21.

Voyager update is ahead of schedule, we may be live by the end of day.

Ithaka S&R is conducting a new collaborative study for the field of Civil and Environmental Engineering. We have contacted them to indicate our interest, and let them know we are initiating our internal processes that would support Waterloo’s participation as a research site.

Melanie reminded Managers to send her any feedback they may have on the Reference process, to pass along to Human Resources for their review.

Next meeting: July 12, 2017

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July 18, 2017