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Library Managers

University of Waterloo
Library Managers, March 8, 2017

Present: Annie Bélanger, Jennifer Haas, Melanie Hannaford (Recorder), Beverly Hershey, Alison Hitchens, Sharon Lamont (Chair), Kathy MacDonald, Carl Nagel, Nick Richbell, Ian Robson

Guests: Preethi Rao, Lisa Maenpaa, Nicole Marcogliese

Regrets: Betty Graf, Alex McCulloch

1. Recognition and Commendation
March anniversaries were acknowledged:

March 1 – Jane Forgay, Porter ISR, 25 Years

2. Financial System Update
Lisa advised Managers that a new financial system will replace FORE and Oracle on May 1st. With this change, we will be reducing the number of Org units we have, and start tracking through work order numbers. More information still to come from Finance.

3. Records Management
A presentation on Records Management was given to Managers, to provide information on the types of documents that need to be kept/discarded, in preparation for the upcoming renovation. A handout will be provided to staff as a guide, and Nick, Nicole and Melanie will work with Managers to organize cleanup dates by department.

4. Reno Update
Annie provided Managers with an update on the renovation, including an overview of the schematic design. After 2 to 3 more weeks of working on the schematic design, they will be going into the design and development phase, which includes testing and working drawings. The plan is to have the design completed before Annie departs in May.

5. Recruitment
As per her recent communication to Library Staff, Sharon provided a staffing update and indicated that the Head, LTFS position has now been posted.

We are exploring options to provide Head, DI backfill to support Alison temporarily for the rest of the year. A communication will be sent to Library staff when finalized.

In preparation for Annie’s departure in May, AUL transition plans were discussed, balancing feasibility and succession planning. Transitions will start in April to provide some overlap in conjunction with a fuller communication of the plan.

6. Library Update Meeting
The next Library Update meeting is schedule for March 30th. A Save the Date has been sent, requesting participation in Lightning talks, and asking for feedback on topics people are interested in hearing about. Alison will be sending survey results from the last meeting to Library staff. Nick will have someone in SC&A work with Sara Perkins on a 60th Anniversary game.

7. Excellence Canada
Sharon reminded Managers that verification day is March 22nd, where Managers will have their own time to speak with the verifiers. Managers were asked to encourage their departments to attend the general sessions.

8. Around the Table
Coordinator, Library Accessibility Services & AODA Advisor: will be replacing Heather Parker for one year, starting at the end of July, to backfill for her upcoming leave.

Instructional Design Librarian: finishing conversations with preferred candidate

French, Germanic & Slavic, Spanish and Latin American Studies Liaison Librarian: underway

TUG Exec has requested that Ex Libris defer their visit and demo of ALMA given the current stage and processes associated with the OCUL Collaborative Futures project.

TUG Steering has asked for a recommendation on what TUG could do before cleanup. TUG Steering to reach out to functional groups for comment. Alison will recommend to Gord that a draft go to functional managers across TUG.

Encouraged everyone to visit the second Fine Arts exhibit in SC&A: The Wild And The Tamed, on display in the Doris Lewis Rare Book Room until April 28th.

Will start interviews for contract Library System Administrator next week.

An announcement will be going out to Library staff soon to advise that they should now be emailing Library Help for facilities related issues.

Engineering and Entrepreneurship Liaison Librarian: starting interviews soon

Funding requests for contract staff: Managers agreed to the updated wording. The funding document will be updated on website.

An update on Rachel Hull’s health was given. Managers were asked to communicate the news with their departments, noting that there will be a counselling session provided for staff, and reminding them of EFAP services available.

The Library Executive committee will be doing a presentation to the Leadership Forum (leadership across campus) on March 9th on the Library (e.g. who we are, what we’re doing, etc).

Next meeting: April 12, 2017

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April 28, 2017