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Library Managers

University of Waterloo
Library Managers, January 10, 2018

Present: Jennifer Haas, Melanie Hannaford (Recorder), Alison Hitchens, Sharon Lamont, Kathy MacDonald, Alex McCulloch, Beth Namachchivaya (Chair), Nick Richbell, Ian Robson

Joining via phone: Adam Savage

Regrets: Betty Graf

Guest: Jordan Barnartt

1. Business Arising
Beth welcomed everyone back after the holidays, noting students are back on campus and a lot of activity has begun.

2. Recognition and Commendation
January 23 – Jennifer Williams, Cataloguing, Porter, 40 Years

3. Outlook Room Booking System demo
Jordan Barnartt, Library Technology & Facilities Services’ (LTFS) winter 2018 co-op student, did a demo of the Outlook room booking system for the library’s current bookable spaces. LTFS is waiting on room numbers from Plant Operations for the new spaces before going live.

Seminars/demos will be held for Library staff as an introduction to the new system prior to the change from MBS to Outlook. LTFS will give permission to Managers to book these rooms in Outlook, with the understanding that they need to duplicate the bookings in the live system (MBS), so they can test it out.

Action: Adam to meet with Melanie to discuss the management of the room booking system, and identify what the pain points may be.

4. Centre for Career Action request to pilot drop-in resume/cover letter/mock interview services in Library
The Centre for Career Action (CCA) has been in touch to discuss the possibility of piloting a drop-in service to help undergraduate and masters students with resumes, cover letters and mock interviews. They propose piloting this service during the months of February and March, using the bookable study booth by the Writing Centre. Managers supported the pilot in principle, and Jennifer will be in touch with CCA to explore further.

5. AUL Recruitment update
Beth provided an update to Managers on the AUL positions, sharing draft job descriptions. Managers provided feedback, which Beth will consider and revise. A new draft will be shared with Managers, and once the positions are near final, the external posting will be shared with library staff for comments on qualifications.

6. Performance rating discussion
To provide further consistency in performance ratings across the Library, Managers discussed their current understanding of each of the ratings, and some best practices. Sharon will send a communication out to update library staff on these discussions.

Action: Managers are to send a few bullets to Sharon clarifying their criteria on ratings of 4.5, 4.75 and 5 by the end of the week.

7. Disability Management
• Deferred, or to be discussed through email.

8. Workplace Inspections
• Deferred, or to be discussed through email.

9. Around the Table
There were no items for discussion.

Next meeting: January 24, 2018

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January 26, 2018