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Library Managers

University of Waterloo
Library Managers, February 14, 2018

Present: Betty Graf, Jennifer Haas, Melanie Hannaford (Recorder), Sharon Lamont, Kathy MacDonald, Beth Namachchivaya (Chair), Alex McCulloch, Nick Richbell, Ian Robson

Joining via phone: Adam Savage

Regrets: Alison Hitchens

1. Business Arising
Beth shared the draft posting for the Associate University Librarian positions for Managers’ feedback. The posting will be sent to library staff in the next couple of days for their comment, which will be a week long process. During this time the search committee will be put together, and a preliminary meeting will be set up.

2. Recognition and Commendation
February 1 – Sandra Keys, Porter ISR, 15 Years
February 1 – Carolyn Vincent, Library Office, 10 Years
February 8 – Troy West, Davis Circulation, 5 Years

3. Telephone Update
Adam reviewed the four different phone policies available for each phone line: local (internal to the University), Kitchener-Waterloo, North American long distance, and international long distance. The expectation is that staff use their own cell phones or calling cards for personal long distance calls, so Managers agreed to have all phone lines on the international policy, and continue to have Facilities monitor for excessive use.

4. Process for distributing existing sit/stand furniture coming available in early March
Due to the renovations, we will have a few sit/stand desks available in early March, and Managers discussed the process of distributing them. Adam confirmed that anyone with accommodations have already been taken care of, and these would be for staff without a medical note who have put in a formal request. Adam asked that Managers send him an email indicating these staff members by February 23. Adam will compile the list and distribute to Managers prior to the next meeting for discussion.

Adam did a last call for furniture on the 3rd floor. If Managers are interested in a last walk through, contact Adam and he will have Facilities arrange a time.

Action: Managers to send list of staff requests for sit/stand furniture to Adam by February 23.

5. Recruitment
Sharon reviewed the status of current recruits:
• Nicole Marcogliese started on February 5 as Archivist
• Adam is working on two Systems Administrator positions (one junior and one senior)
• Alex is working on the position in the Collections unit of Circulation
• Applications are still being accepted for the Digital Repository Librarian and the Head, Metadata and Cataloguing Services
• The AUL positions are on track

6. Update on Employment Standards Act
Sharon and Alex provided an overview of the significant changes outlined in the Changing Landscape of Employment Legislation presentation put on by Human Resources and our labour lawyers, Hicks Morley. Some of these changes included equal pay for equal work (based on work status), the public holiday pay formula, on-call pay, and the addition of various new leaves (i.e. domestic/sexual violence leave, critical illness leave, child death leave).

The Employment Standards Act states a medical note is not required for personal emergency leave days, but it was clarified that the UW sick leave is separate, which will still require medical support for 5 days or more of absence.

Sharon also reviewed the changes to accommodations, which now includes chronic mental stress. Managers need to be sensitive and proactive in encouraging staff to be in touch with Occupational Health if an accommodation is needed, and the employee has a responsibility to declare the need for accommodation. The search for solutions must be diligent, and parties will need to work together to come to a solution. The process of accommodation is as important as the solution.

Managers will continue the review/discussion of compression due to the minimum wage hike.

Action: Sharon to continue to communicate with HR to find out when they will have Waterloo specific guidelines.

7. Training and Professional Development
The Library Executive Committee (LibExec) has been looking for ways to streamline the process for requesting training and professional development funding, and have made two refinements to the process. Going forward, employees will work with their supervisors to determine how they’ll use their professional development funding up to the cap of $1,800. The Department Head, in consultation with the appropriate LibExec member, will be able approve requests up to $1,800, while still sending the forms to LibExec for tracking purposes.

Any requests for funding beyond the $1,800 cap will be reviewed by LibExec. In the past, LibExec considered all requests for the upcoming fiscal year in the Spring, but this year they will consider requests two times a year – in early April and early November. All requests for the April review need to be sent to Melanie by March 29, 2018.

Sharon will be sending a communication outlining the process to all staff shortly.

8. PA Ratings follow up discussion
Managers continued the discussion about performance ratings consistency, and reviewed best practices for staff in new positions and reclassifications.

Action: Sharon will edit the framework based on the discussion and send to Managers.

9. Collections Strategy Committee terms of reference
After the initial review of the Collections Strategy Committee terms of reference at the December 13 Managers meeting, Ian consulted with Nick, Jennifer, Kathy and two Liaison Librarian representatives and incorporated their feedback. Ian shared the revised draft terms of reference, noting most changes were around determining selector participation. The next step will be appointing the committee and finalizing the charge, which Beth will do with Ian.

10. Around the Table
It’s now been announced that the Staff conference is being held on April 5 and 6. Registration will open on March 1. Registration fills up quickly, so Managers are encouraged to come up with a strategy for their staff’s attendance ahead of time.

The Library Health, Safety and Wellness committee will be holding two open houses on managing change to supplement the renovation sessions.

Sharon and Nancy Collins are meeting with Linda Brogden and Katrina DiGravio tomorrow re: the Guarding Minds @ WORK survey, which should be rolling out in the next couple of months. Managers should anticipate working with the outcomes of the survey in the coming year.

Andrew More has been hired on a 1 year contract as Cataloguing Assistant, starting Feb 26.

Renovations are still on track, and the moving dates for the 5th floor have been sent by Pree and Adam. Davis is still on track for the end of February/beginning of March.

Tom Harding starts as the Languages Liaison Librarian on Feb 26. He will be in Waterloo next week getting situated.

Beth has been talking with John Barnett about co-sponsoring an LMSI on campus, likely sometime in October. We will be able to send up to 20 attendees and we are leaning towards LMSI I.

Action: Beth will forward the message from OCUL to Managers.

Action: Managers are asked to let Melanie know if you’re already aware of people who are interested in attending.

Next meeting: February 28, 2018

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March 1, 2018