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Library Managers

University of Waterloo
Library Managers, January 24, 2018

Present: Betty Graf, Jennifer Haas, Melanie Hannaford (Recorder), Alison Hitchens, Sharon Lamont (Chair), Kathy MacDonald, Alex McCulloch, Nick Richbell, Ian Robson

Joining via phone: Adam Savage

Regrets: Beth Namachchivaya

1. Business Arising
Melanie and Adam met to discuss the Outlook Room Booking system, and things are moving along. There are still a few things to work out before going live.

2. Continuous Improvement/Lean Consortium
Nancy Collins spoke to Managers about the campus framework/plan for Lean, which includes raising awareness in continuous improvement, and identifying measurable improvements (both quantitative and qualitative). The campus Lean group with be working with the Excellence Canada processes group to identify some key processes for staff and students. Scott Smith will be leading a training group, which will include 10 training sessions throughout the year. Nancy will be part of this training group partially due to her Excellence Canada responsibilities, and will inquire if the Library can have another representative.

The plan for the Library is to mirror what is happening at the campus level as much as possible, and in the short-term form a small group to make sure the process keeps moving forward.

Action: Alison to refer back to list of options discussed in the fall and bring a couple of recommendations to Managers of what to move forward with next.

Action: Nancy to inquire with Kim Snage if the Library can have another representative in the training group.

3. Recruitment
Sharon updated Managers on current recruits:

• Liaison Librarian in Porter ISR: Tom Harding starts February 26
• Head, Metadata and Cataloguing Services – is currently posted, and Talent Acquisition is doing some outreach/head hunting
• Digital Repository Librarian – did not have a successful recruit. Will be going back to the pool, and doing some head hunting
• Archivist – moving towards the offer stage
• Systems Administrator (junior responsibilities) – job description is in Job Evaluation. Hoping to have this and the other vacant Systems Administrator (senior responsibilities) position filled by May/June
• AUL positions – on track. Working on the hiring committee
• Two vacancies in Circulation: Collections unit. Collections projects have normalized now, so Circulation proposed filling one of these positions only. Managers supported this approach.
• Effective March 1, Mary Lynne Bartlett will be part of Communications and will report to Sharon on a temporary basis

4. Retiree using staff spaces
Managers discussed if retirees should be allowed to use staff spaces, and agreed that these spaces should only be used by current staff members. An exception may be made if a retiree is accompanied by a current staff member for a social occasion.

Action: Sharon to confirm with LibExec.

5. Performance Ratings
Managers continued the discussion on performance ratings consistency in the Library. Sharon will send out a communication to staff to summarize these discussions. Managers agreed to hold an open session for staff in the spring to provide more information and answer any questions.

Action: Sharon to schedule the open session.

6. AUL Recruitment update

7. Framework for Research Services and Digital Scholarship Services Review
Alison and Nick presented initial thoughts on framework for the upcoming research services projects scheduled to start in June, that received MAP3 endorsement. The plan is to have a core group to provide guidance, along with additional sub-groups. Alison and Nick will start working on a draft terms of reference, and hope to start populating the teams in April.

8. Loss of Article Exchange Custom for document delivery
Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) has informed us that the software we use for hosting scanned documents being delivered to patrons (Article Exchange Custom) will no longer be supported effective July 1, 2018. There is a version of Article Exchange within the OCLC Worldshare software that we can move to without added cost, and we are exploring the implications and timing of such a move. It will likely be a minor impact, but we will lose some local branding as part of the move.

9. Disability management
Sharon went to a disability management training session, and highlighted a few items to Managers. The disability management team now encourages staying in regular contact with staff members who are off on leave. Please note that if a staff member is struggling, Managers should encourage them to talk to Occupational Health if they feel an accommodation is required. A reminder that there is no paid sick leave for casual employees; contract employees of 1 year receive six paid sick days. Contracts of less than a year are pro-rated, therefore Waterloo student co-op’s receive two days each term.

10. Workplace Inspections/Incident reports
Sharon reminded Managers of their responsibilities in terms of ensuring workplace inspections are being done properly, and completing incident and inspection reports. The report needs to be answered fully, and there are times when an investigation needs to be completed.

The usual process is to send these reports to Melanie in the Library Office within 24 hours of an injury, and she will send it to the Safety Office and put a copy in the employee’s file. If there is any medical aid/lost time from work due to an incident, call the Safety Office and provide details of the incident, and let them know they should expect a report.

11. Department poster presentation
Managers discussed options of incorporating department presentations into our Library Update meetings to familiarize staff with each department’s priorities/projects.

Action: Managers to think about options for the next Managers meeting.

12. Around the Table
Alison and Lauren attended a campus meeting on alternative textbook models in late December. Open textbooks and lower-cost textbook models were discussed, including a partnership that Math is pursuing. The FEDS and the Bookstore have a #textbookbroke campaign running to raise awareness in students and instructors about the possibilities of other textbook solutions. More discussions with follow this year. Notes from the meeting are available to interested staff.

Alison, Sandra and Jenny attended an Office of Research event featuring Robbin Tourangeau, executive director of the Leadership Council on Digital Research Infrastructure (LCDRI). Alison will distribute the slides once received. Robbin discussed three reports and recommendations for the federal government and gave excellent insights into the federal, provincial and regional layers of research infrastructure.

The MAP3 project to re-develop the research databases pages and the online reference shelf, to replace reliance on the aging TUG ERM, will be in production this February. Thank you to the many people who worked on this project and gave feedback.

The OCUL-CF RFP closed January 22nd. The evaluation team hopes to have presentations with a shortlist of vendors at the end of February.

We have received 11 requests for work placements for the 2018/2019 year. We anticipate hearing how many positions the Library has been allocated by Student Awards and Financial Aid in late January/early February.

Circulation Services is working with Nancy Heide of the new Student Service Centre to see how we can facilitate one-stop service for students trying to obtain proof of enrollment or transcript documentation when their accounts are being blocked by the Library. The idea is to allow students to pay all outstanding charges at the Student Service Centre instead of having to send them off to different departments before coming back to get their documents. Nancy is also working with Housing, Parking and other services on campus that also place blocks on students’ accounts.

Next meeting: February 14, 2018

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February 15, 2018