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Web Operational Management Group

Terms of Reference

The UW Library Web Operational Management Group (WebOps) is sponsored by the Associate University Librarian, Information Technology Services.

The Group is charged with the effective, flexible and expeditious maintenance of the home pages of the Library Web and the Library Staff Web. This is done in consultation with Library managers and staff. Library departments, groups and individuals are responsible for the content of their own web pages. The Group advises on the structure and design of web pages and keeps the Standards & Practices for UW Library Web Pages up-to-date for the use of Library web maintenance staff (webmaint-l).

The group makes change to the home pages in response to the need of Library users or staff. Significant changes to the content and/or design of the home pages are coordinated through the sponsors and carried out only after close consultation with others in the Library.

WebOps is responsible for the effective day-to-day operation of the UW Library web sites and will do this by:

  1. Managing the home page of the Library Web and the Library Staff Web.
  2. Implementing operational policies and procedures for the operation and maintenance of the web sites
  3. Ensuring the regular maintenance of the web sites (e.g., running LinkBot, collecting statistics, ensuring regular indexing)
  4. Working closely with the groups and individuals who have responsibility for creating and maintaining web pages in the Library (maintain a web site and listserv, webmaint-l, for this purpose)
  5. Regularly informing library staff of new developments
  6. Facilitating the exchange of information with library departments and/or functional areas, other TriUniversity web groups, and other appropriate bodies
  7. Liaising with Systems Department and IST staff when specialized support is required (e.g., JavaScript and cgi support)
  8. Liaising with the Manager, Library Systems Support Services to coordinate training or other systems support issues as required
  9. Making recommendations on policy, financial, resource, long-term planning, and other issues as required

The UW Library Web Operational Management Group meets bi-weekly or on an as-needed basis to carry out the above responsibilities.

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January 10, 2007