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From "Berlin" to "Kitchener"

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Faculty of Arts Fifteenth Annual Arts Lecture

Turning History into Theatre:
The Making of The Berlin Show

Prof. William Chadwick
Department of Drama and Speech Communication
University of Waterloo
Tuesday, February 28, 1995
7:30 p.m.
Theatre of the Arts

The daily diaries of two brothers, William Henry Breithaupt and Louis Jacob Breithaupt, provide first-hand accounts of the events surrounding the name change debate of 1916 as well as other events related to war-time history in the local area. These diaries are part of the Breithaupt Hewetson Clark Collection in the Doris Lewis Rare Book Room, first floor, Dana Porter Library.

Cover, Louis Jacob Breithauot Diary (Click to Enlarge)   Cover, LJB Diary. Cover, William Henry Breithaupt Diary (Click to Enlarge)   Cover, WHB Diary.

In his diary for May 13,1916 William Henry Breithaupt describes the destruction caused by soldiers at his Margaret Avenue house. Following these events, Breithaupt lodged an official complaint with military officials. The meeting between Breithaupt and those officials was reported in the Toronto World newspaper the next day.

WHB Diary Entry (Click to Enlarge)   Diary Entry

WHB Residence, 66 Margareet Ave. (Click to Enlarge)   Residence of W. H. Breithaupt, 66 Margaret Ave.

News Clipping: "Oficers At Berlin Commission A Secret" (Click to Enlarge)   "Officers At Berlin Commission A Secret"

W.H. Breithaupt wrote to the Berlin News Record about the name change. Breithaupt opposed the change and his letter prompted Alderman W.G. Cleghorn to write a spirited response--a response which in turn prompted Breithaupt to consult his lawyer, H.J. Sims, about a potential lawsuit. Below is the diary entry referring to his meeting with Sims on March 6, 1916.

WHB Diary Entry regarding meeting with his lawyer (Click to Enlarge)

Shown here is a business letter written by W.H. Breithaupt in which he comments on the proposed name change.

WHB Business letter commenting on name change

The photographs reproduced here are from the Breithaupt Hewetson Clark Collection and they document the military presence in "Berlin" during the First World War.

Soldiers in Training (Click to Enlarge) Soldiers march in the streets of "Berlin" (Click to Enlarge) Soldiers line a street in "Berlin" (Click to Enlarge) Rear view of troops marching through "Berlin" (Click to Enlarge) Soldiers at attention on the Parade ground (Click to Enlarge)

These photographs, also from the Breithaupt Hewetson Clark Collection, show the more personal side of the effects of war. Seen here is one of the sons of Louis Jacob Breithaupt, William Walter Breithaupt, who served in France. His series of "letters home" describing his experiences is available in the Doris Lewis Rare Book Room. A facsimile letter was written on what was to become known as "Armistice Day" - November 11, 1918. It was written to his older brother, Louis O. Breithaupt.

William Walter Breithaupt (Click to Enlarge)   W. W. Breithaupt. Letter Page 1 (Click to Enlarge)   Letter, page 1. Letter Page 2 (Click to Enlarge)   page 2

The two photos below show William Walter with family and friends shortly before he left Canada to serve overseas.

William Walter with army friends before leaving for the war (Click to Enlarge)   William Walter with Family and Friends before leaving to fight in WW1 (Click to Enlarge)

Both brothers commented in their diaries on the damage done to the premises occupied by the "Concordia Singing Society" on February 15, 1916.

WHB Diary comments on the Concordia Singing Society damage   WHB Diary. LJB Diary comments of damage done to the Concordia Singing Society Premises   LJB Diary

Shown here are entries from the diaries of Louis Jacob Breithaupt in which he comments on the hiring of a night watchman for his station warehouse (February 10); the name change vote of February 11; and the decision to discontinue the German language church services at Zion Evangelical Church (accompanied by his speech to church members about the change) on February 20.

L.J. Breithaupt (Click to Enlarge)   L. J. Breithaupt

Feb 10, 1916: Hiring a night watchman (Click to Enlarge)   Feb. 10, 1916. Feb 11, 1916: Changing the name of "Berlin" (Click to Enlarge)   Feb. 11, 1916.

Feb. 20, 1916: Discontinuing German Language church services (Click to Enlarge)   Feb. 20, 1916.

The facsimile clippings shown here were saved by Louis Jacob Breithaupt and describe many of the events surrounding the name change debate.

News Clipping: Postoffice Changes Name to "Kitchener" (Click to Enlarge). News Clipping: New Name for Berlin (Click to Enlarge).

Berlin's choice of a new name must be from these six: Huronto, Bereana, Dunard, Hydro City, Renoma and Agnoleo. Who is taking revenge on the people of Berlin for wanting to have a new name for the city?.

Citizens of Berlin want name changed. (Click to Enlarge)

"Citizens of Berlin Want A Name Change" Feb 12, 1916. .
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