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Subject Guides

Librarian Support for Class Assignments


power to influence students' development as seekers and users of information; build their research and thinking skills; opportunity to learn difference between surfing the net and substantive research; write better papers; maximize learning; minimize confusion and frustration; wanting students to be successful in their library research; Library anxiety issues. Our goal is to make the tools of research familiar and the inquiry process more engaging.

A. Assignment Consultation

Get advice on designing assignments that help students learn to effectively research.
Get clarification on the types of resources that are available to support your specific assignments and class projects.
Contact the librarian in your subject area.

B. Most Useful Resources for the Assignment - Subject Librarian Selects

  1. In Class Instruction - objectives, where it is held

    examples: 15 min. 1 hour 3 hour sequenced general (Sept)

  2. Web-based tutorial - objectives, testing. Time to design.

    examples: Health History

  3. Website - Link into course webpage. Lead time to create. Limitations.

    examples: Chemistry Geography

  4. Handouts - Available in class unless scanned and linked to course website.

    examples: Chemical Engineering English

C. Useful Resources for the Discipline - Subject Librarian selects

Research Guides by Subject - available on library website, not as specific as Website above.

examples: Biology Computer Science Psychology and more

D. Useful Resources Suggested by Reference Staff (not subject specialists)

  1. Reference Desk - Limitations. Hours
  2. Virtual Reference - Limitations. Hours try it
  3. Email Reference - Limitations.

E. Useful Resources chosen by Prof/Instructor

Course Reserves - UW, Guelph, Laurier books can be requested for course reserve. Journal articles, book chapters and other copyrighted material can be scanned and linked to E-Reserves page or your course webpage.

Paper E-Reserves

Anne Fullerton,
UW Liaison Librarian

Last Updated: June 16, 2005