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Finding Background Information: Demo


Suppose that you want to do historical research on the woman after whom the programming language ADA was named. And all you know is that she is sometimes referred to as the first programmer.  









Suggested Solution
  1. Go to Google
  2. Using the search term Ada "first programmer" yields over 10,000 sites.
  3. The 1st entry that Google gives, Ada Byron, Lady Lovelace, refers to her as a pioneer in the history of computers. It confirms that we have the correct person and that she was sometimes known as Ada Lovelace, as well as Byron's daughter. The page contains some interesting biographical information, but more importantly, it has Other resources about Ada Byron that includes some links to other Internet resources, as well as print resources.
  4. We may now go to TRELLIS and move to the Combining Keywords (menu) option and do a search with the string Ada Lovelace and all of these option. This yields 11 entries, most of them interesting. It would be prudent for the user to consult these printed books as well. If more information is needed then a search of journal indexes would be in order.

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