Davis Library Planning - Phase III


Review Existing Information/Documentation

User needs data: Library survey 2006 especially comments; Sims carrels comment cards; other?

SD348 project results for specific areas of Library and earlier projects for the first floor plan.

Do we need to collect more recent data? On what topics? How? When?

UW 6th decade and faculty plans - any connections to the Library with implications for space designs? Enrolment plans; curriculum plans.

Critique existing Walter Fedy P. floorplans ( main  lower).

Do they meet the expressed needs identified above? Where is there some doubt? Why?

Make a large copy for both floors and put up on a wall. Invite students to annotate? Or fill in comment cards. Could also make this a web document with e-comments form to send. Ethical clearance?

Post Occupancy Review - learn from users and staff what works and what dosn't work in the rennovated space.

After Action Review - learn from previous planning committees what works or does not work with respect to group process.

Examine exisitng libraries - site visits and available images/documentation from websites or journal articles

 Identify interesting ways of solving common problems


Planning Assumptions and Design Priorities


General Building Issues


Data Sheets for each functional area

2003 Data Sheets   Review, revise. Add additional ones.

Required reading